yeah it’s confusing, but still helps out a lot, thanks all!


got the same reply in 2 weeks line :P. its been 3 for me too. Was it Carmen by any chance? She did ask me to contact her in case she didn’t update what was going on.


It was actually someone else! You had to send in the updated resume as well?

I believe there is another AC in march, so there’s still some time, but I would like to know soon. I’ve already contacted the HR rep for an update, and she has not replied.


nope, they did not ask me for an updated CV, but I was told the next AC was in April, I’ve also sent a mail to the HR rep, no reply yet here too.


April! Okay great, thanks. Can you let me know if they reply to you? And I’ll do the same for you.

It’s just such an exciting opportunity, and the phone interview went extremely well, so seeing other people get invited is a little depressing!


When did you guys have the phone interview? How many days after did you get the updated resume request?

Yes it’s such an exciting opportunity! Are you guys also from Canada?


mine was on the 29th of jan and nope I am currently in France.


About 4 days after my interview I got the email to send them an updated resume.

And yes, I’m from Canada! Would be an amazing opportunity to do the GGP.


that’s awesome! what part of canada are you from? I’m from Toronto, it’s been very cold the last couple of days here! are you in mechanical engineering too? did they tell you which dept they are considering you for?


So my hr rep replied, most of the e-mail was generic stuff that she already told me but this time she gave me a list of AC dates.

AC on 22/23 March - targeting Train System roles (General track)
AC on 24/25 March - targeting Procurement/Bid Management roles (General track/Professional track)

AC on 16/17 April - targeting Rail Control Solutions roles (Professional track)
AC on 20/21 April - targeting Rail Control Solutions roles (Professional track)
AC on 22/23 May - targeting Rail Control Solutions roles (Professional track)

AC on 18/19 May - targeting IT/IS roles
AC on 20/21 May - targeting Procurement Roles (General track/Professional track roles)
*the targeted roles may suffer changes or additional Assessment Centers could be scheduled

It was also mentioned that people are usually invited 2 weeks before an AC. So there you go.


that’s great, good luck! will they cover the cost of your flight etc?


Wow that’s great news. Thanks so much for the update. I’m an engineer on the professional track so looks like I won’t be invite (assuming I’m picked) until April.

Once again, thanks a lot for posting that.


Hi npk91
Did you email her before?


this was my first e-mail after my phone interview.


well my hr said, in case a person is invited they will ask that person to book the cheapest tickets (to and fro) and reimburse it after the ac. For people coming from canada I don’t know. your hr rep should be able to answer that I guess.


after how many days did you email Carmen? my phone interview was on monday, I’m wondering if I should send out a quick reminder email next week…


almost 3 weeks after my interview


ok thanks for your help. I’ll write on here if I hear anything back…


Just starting a new comment thread so we can keep talking. The other one has too many replies and it’s hard to read! Keep us updated on your progress!

I’m on the professional track, had the phone interview three weeks ago, waiting on a call or email about an update. Coming in from Canada!


Also from Canada, professional track. I had my phone interview on Family Day (feb 16). Waiting for an email or a call.

Anonymous, are you in your last year of undergrad?

Good luck! Keep us informed please!