Hey everyone, I just called up Bombardier yesterday to get a status update to the applications and AC’s. So apparently, they have invited 6 candidates for the Procurement AC scheduled to take place next week. There are 2 more ACs in June for Industrial Strategy and IT - for which they will contact the candidates in the upcoming weeks.

So if you do not receive any email by tomorrow, then it is most likely that you have not been selected for the Procurement/SCM AC. The lady mentioned that this year there were not that many positions advertised and so they had a difficult time in shortlisting the candidates. She said that she will try and respond to our emails asap but she is currently occupied in organising the AC ATM.

I actually would not be disheartened by the outcome. Considering that some candidates may reject the offer (if they get selected), there may be a chance that we may get a call sometime later. Good luck to all of you!


Thanks for letting us know, I knew there was something going on…


Thank You for the update mate.
All The Best!!!


What about engineering ACs? Because the lady who took my interview has put my application for engineering department :frowning:


Again I’m not surprised. With this attitude, Bombardier will go down very soon.

Here’s some news from today:


Anybody going to AC in Berlin in two weeks?


I am going for the AC that will be held in June 15th and 16th, IS track, how about you?


How was the assessment center experience?


Hi, has anyone been invited to the assessment center for RCS graduate program with bombardier?


Anyone? I have finished my reasoning tests 3 weeks ago but no notice since then, not even about passing the tests or not… Has enyone been called to an AC?


Anybody applied this year and been to the AC and had a response yet?
I am currently waiting on a response.


Hi! I applied this year and will be attending the Project Management AC just tomorrow…let’s see how it goes… =)


Hi Nathalia have you gotten a response after the AC. Because i applied as well for graduate scheme and i am yet to get a response after the AC.


Hey Pegasus yes i went for the Ac two weeks ago.I was invited for the AC three days after the phone interview


Hey Tokunbo, I applied for the Manufacturing Scheme and had my phone interview 2 weeks ago. They told me they will update me soon after the phone interview but nothing has happened since then. Does this mean I was unsuccessful in the telephone interview?


Tokumbo do you have any update yet?


Hello, has anyone been invited for the Bombardier UK graduate programme 2019 assessment centre?


yeahh, i attended one last week


Hey jzenfou how many days before the AC were you notified?


one day before