How do you know this? Did you talk to them? When are the ACs, has anyone been invited?


Is there anyone from engineering background? I got another call from them saying we are shifting you from procurement to engineering because of my background. And she told me the new assessment dates would be 21-22 may 2015. I will have to wait for the email to know if i got selected or not.


Just a mail communication.
They haven’t yet selected me.


I am from Engineering.
I haven’t got any call for ACs yet.
All The Best to You.

BTW you are lucky to get a call regarding the domain you are being put into.

Hope for the Best.



What did they say in the “mail communication”?

I’m in Engineering, I haven’t received anything yet…


What was the number they called from? I missed a few calls from unknown number and some weird numbers without country codes…


I just dropped a mail to inquire the status of my application. They reverted stating that my application hasn’t been selected yet and mentioned the info about ACs.
That’s it.

Lets hope for the Best.


yeah i got a call from 0044264509100 and i still haven’t received any email confirming about the AC. i will update you all once i get any.


All The Very Best!!!


Thanks! Did they say where the AC will take place? Where are you from?


No she just told me about the dates 21-22 may. And she asked me to wait for the confirmation email. I didn’t get any email yet . So i m waiting for the confirmation just like you guys.
I should have asked about the place but i got excited hahahahaha and forgot to ask. :smiley: 10 days left for the AC and I didn’t get any email yet so i really don’t know if i got selected !! I m from pakistan .what about you?


Yeah no communication my side either. I’m from Canada. I’m going to call them up today, I’ll let you know what happens.


Has anyone received notification from AC for HR on May 21st yet?


Still no communication. Everything seems so unorganized and it’s frustrating.


so true ! i m assuming I didn’t get selected at all. I have emailed them 2 days ago and yet haven’t received any reply. I think they’ve rejected me already .At least they should’ve informed


hey ,
you have been invited to the AC already , i want to ask how much time did they take to inform you that you’ve been selected for the AC after the phone interview?


Same here… Day 3 since I emailed them, asking for an update. Either their servers are down, or they are ignoring emails… I’m not sure if I want to work for a company like this… no wonder Bombardier Inc. is trying to sell off Bombardier Transportation…


I read in some of the previous threads that they are usually quite slow in getting back to you because its not Bombardier but their SSC in Romania who we are in touch with. A successful candidate wrote previously that “Patience is the key”.


Very true!!!
Guys do have patience.
My mails were reverted after a span of 2 weeks.

Some mails weren’t reverted.

So let’s hope for the Best.

Don’t be disheartened.
Even I had hope that I will get a call for the ACs.
My Interview was on March 20. Its almost 2months now.

Previous years Graduates have got a revert on ACs within 2weeks. But there were few who got a call even after 2 months.

Fingers Crossed.


Could you please give me the email address of the graduate recruitment team? I also want to ask for an update!