Hi there

Did anybody applied for the GGP of bombardier transportation this year?



Hi lokijhj,

I applied for the HR track yesterday. And you?


Yeah, I applied for the professional track and have heard back. What about you?


When did you apply?



I applied at the end of Jan…but no response so far.
When did u apply?


In November. If you’re picked, you have to do both numerical and verbal reasoning tests (about 15-30 minutes each). If successful, you then have a phone interview.

I’ve past those two stages, and was told to resend them my resume (for some reason)


In hindsight, the type of tests may vary depending on what track you selected. Not entirely sure.


I applied in December for the Professional track, had to complete the standard SHL Verbal and Numerical tests last month. Got a call last week saying I passed it and a phone interview that followed. I have not yet received feedback on the Interview although I am not too optimistic considering how nervous I was during the interview :/.The next step(If they do consider me for the next step) is an assessment center in either Germany(February) or Sweden(February & April). Anyone else on the same boat?



Hi all,

I am happy that you passed the first test and wish u all the best with the interview and final outcome.
Have a few questions as well :slight_smile:
Did they send u email for doing the test? How long did u wait for it?
Would just like to know if I will be given an opportunity or not :slight_smile:
Thank u all


Hi ziga.raj,

Yes they sent me an e-mail with the links for the test and a 5 day deadline to finish it. I got the mail after about a month, but i guess there is no standard response, well not that I know of atleast.

All the best!


Yes, I’m in the same boat. Passed the numerical and verbal tests, and the phone interview is completed. Afterwards, they called me to send in an updated resume (so I think that means they’re still interested, at least I hope). Hoping to hear back soon. They said it would only take about a week or two.


Hmmm, i guess they are interested, All the best!!, they haven’t asked me for an updated resume though, anyway i should be getting a reply within the next week or so.


Hi npk91
I’m in the same situation, if we are invited to the AC of February we should receive emails today I guess, did she tell something about that?


Hi Dkl001,

Nope, I don’t recall her mentioning a specific date for a reply, but usually these people send out e-mails on thursdays and fridays when they are free. But she did say if im not invited to the one in February, there is a chance in April again.


Yeah actually she told me that the first AC is gonna be on the 18th


Yeah first ac will be on 16th and 17th. I have recieved an Invitation, any bodyhave an idea what to expect on the assesment center


When did you receive the invitation, did they tell you how it’s gonna be organized?
I guess this AC ic for German speakers right?


Well I have recieved the Invitation yesterday in the evening. I am not sure it is only for the german speaking people


Hey, did they ask you for an updated resume?

I ask because I finished my phone interview and everything went really well. Then they emailed me and asked for an updated resume. Did that happen to you too?


No they have asked me about my availability I told them about beginning of march would be perfect, then they told me that I would be contacted again by some one. the next day in the evening I got an email about the ac.
I am still a bit confused about the ac, what to expect in there. Any help would be much appreciated