BOMBARDIER global graduate programme



Did anybody interview with Bombardier for their Global graduate programme this year?
If yes, lets get connected and share details!




Hi Ab,

I got a call from Bombardier last week… I made it through the online tests… I am going to have the telephonic interview in two days…

I was wondering if you could give me some tips about the how to prepare for the telephonic interview and what kind of questions to expect…

Greatly appreciate any help you can provide…



The interview was very casual.

  • interest in the company
  • why this programme?
  • salary expectation?
  • what languages do you speak

nothing major

good luck


Hi Ab,

Thanks for the info… I just had the telephonic interview… Like you said… standard questions… nothing major…

Hope I make it through to the next round…

Did you make it to the next step???


No! They expected me to know German.


what role did you guys interview for?


Did anyone apply for the 2011 program? I had the phone interview more than a week ago but haven’t heard anything after… Also they extended the deadline till the 15th of March which can’t be a good sign for those who applied :stuck_out_tongue:


I did apply and gave the online tests…but haven’t heard from them yet. I am hoping the extended deadline turns out to be a boon. Can you tell me how long they took to get back to you after the online tests??


13 days after I completed the test they called me (out of the blue)

Still haven’t heard anything. My friend is in the same situation as you (did the test before me) emailed them and they’re reply was ‘your file is still in progress, you will receive a call in due date’…

15th is soon, hope we’ll get some results!



I did the telephone interview last tuesday. I’m also waiting for an answer.
In which program did you apply to and in which function?



i am also waiting for the interview and i have few questions for you guys who have already taken interview.

  • Did they arrange the time of interview with you or they just called u at anytime??
  • How long is the interview and any tricky questions?

Any help on these questions is greatly appreciated. Thanks.


Hey Aryan,

When did you give your test and have they gotten back to you saying that you’ve moved onto the next stage.
I gave my test on the 26th and still havent heard back.



Hi Akhil,

I took my test on Feb 2nd. I emailed them and then they replied that they will interview me probably in next two weeks. They also mentioned that its taking them long because of large amount of applications. BTW, i got my response on 2nd March. I think the whole process would get fast once they shortlist all candidates by March 15th.


Hi Guys,

I am also interviewing (phone interview) for an entry level engineering position with Bombardier in two days, and I am super duper scared and nervous, simply because it has always been my dream to work for Bombardier. Any tricky questions you guys know they usually ask? I need ideas please…

Thank you very much!!!



Hi Yellow, I am also having a phone interview with Bombardier in two days time for an entry level engineering position and I am super-duper scared and nervous. I don’t know what to expect…Could you please share some of the questions you were asked during the phone interview and the style of the Interviewer? Thank you very much for your help.


As a business student I won’t know anything about the engineering positions, but to answer some of the questions:

  • They just called me, no planning (as I said before)
  • Call took maybe 45 minutes
  • No tricky questions, everything was very relaxed, expect things such as: why bombardier, example of leadership, biggest achievement, biggest disappointment, languages you speak, ideal career, countries you would want to live, other companies you applied to.

In any case they were very friendly, guess they just don’t have enough HR capacity!


Hi Yelloww, thanks for your insight. I just needed some kind of reassurance from someone who’s done theirs recently, and your comments did just that. Thanks once again and I wish you the best!



Hey Guys,

I finally had my interview yesterday evenin…nthin much the same pattern and questions that Yelloww described.

They said it might take some time before they give back the feedback. So keeping my fingers crossed!!
Any news from your end??

Thanks for all the help…


Hey all, I’ve got an interview for a “graduate engineer” position in a couple of weeks, so gonna start preparing now. I can see there has been some general advice in the thread. I would appreciate any further tips if anyone goes through the interview process :). I wasn’t asked to do psychometrics by the way. Maybe the “graduate Engineer” position doesn’t require it? I’m very much looking forward to the phone interview :slight_smile:


best of luck all