BofA Merryl Lynch Operations Assessment


Anybody attending the BofA ML assessment for GMO & MO FT next week.


Hi guys

anyone attending the Bofa ML GMO &MO assessment next week.



When did you hear back from them and how (email or phone call)? When did you submit your application? I am still waiting a response and got an email day before yesterday advising that my application is still under review. I am really interested in the role and company, so lets see what in stock for me.

regards, rb1


i heard back tuday morning.



Did they not give you any choice for AC dates. Was it through email or phone you received the invitation? when did you submit your application? did you also receive any email day before yesterday about review notification. thanks for your help

regards, rb1


i submitted monday morning and recieved invite thru email. i recieved review email on monday.



But i believe the deadline for the program was 16th april . Do you mean that you submitted the application last week monday i.e. 12th april??

Many thanks.

Anyone else still waiting for the response for Bofa GMO & MO ???



yes last week monday


how was it? what was assesment centre like?

interview questions? presentation and test?


I have mine on wednesday. Has anyone had their assessment centre yet? If so please can you share your experience. Thanks