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Hello~ I will have a phone interview for full-time analysis position on next monday, I am really bad at phone interview, already fail one for HSBC trading and another one for UBS ibd. >_< Any one has any experience or advice on this one? Merry X’mas.


hey man,

where you interviewing for asia ? euro ? north america ?

I know how you feel i’ve had no less than 10 phone interviews with ibank HRs in the past year … none of which i’ve managed to pass

the only advice that i can give is look at the competency based interview questions on this site and prep like 2 weeks to a month in advance

what im planning on doing is basically writing either a script or indepth point form answers for each possible question i can find and rehearsing so much that i can recite them from memory

remember alot of what it is is gonna be luck, you can only control maybe 50% of it but that doestn mean you shouldn’t stick to it



I had an interview with the VP of the IBD division for Graduate Programme. The key to BOAML telephone interview is anticipating the next question.
Example: They ask you why Global Markets?
Your Answer: My work experience …blah blah
The next question will likely be on your work experience. Therefore, it is paramount in your first couple of answers you touch on the strongest point you think you have.
Also be prepared for generic questions like:
1.) Experience of working in a team?
2.) Why BOAML?
It is imperative you have a few questions prepared to ask them in the end. Also, try asking the person interviewing you in the end to give you their email address.

The BOAML telephone interview was different to other banks, in terms of the person interviewing me and also that I could direct the conversation in whichever direction you want.
Make sure you exude a passion for the Global Markets but also emphasize your teamwork and interpersonal skills.


@ Einhorn VS Buffet:

Have you already had a second round interview or probably an AC with BoAML? If yes, how did it go?

Thanks in advance



Your correct in stating that after the telephone interview is an AC. I declined BOA ML for the following reasons:
1.) The new CEO will be Brian Moynihan who is an Ohio born lawyer. Personally, this internal appointment of a new CEO concerns me . They courted Fink from Blackrock, Pandit from Citigroup and several other heads but due to the stipulations surrounding the TARP(they have paid it back) not many candidates were interested. Maybe an indication of the tremendous task ahead of any perspective head.
2.) The IB division at BOAML is considerably weak in Europe compared to its rivals(in America it is a different story). More importantly, I don’t think IBD was the right division for me as I would prefer Global Markets as it is more in line with my future career development.
3.) Personally, I have more interesting prospects on the table that will provide me with the visibility in the Markets I require plus paying me considerably(twice as much) more than BOAML.

Even though from an investor’s perspective I have bought shares in the Bank($15 a share) as we see the ML brand being rolled out along with the wind up on the conumser and commerical write downs during this consumer lead recession. I expect their share price to double in the next 12-18 months. It doesn’t change the fact that I don’t think it is appropiate choice for me.

However, this is a personal perspective and the HR people at the company are amazing.



it’s for asia. today’s interview was freestyle, I hope i will get some competency questions next time ~ thanks anyway and happy new year~ ^^


@Einhorn VS Buffet

Thank you for your advise. ^^ i just finished my interview with a director in Global Market. The format of interview was really really informal. he did’t ask me anything about why ml? why trading? teamwork? working experience?.. random chat about stock market, gold price… at the end he ask me how many gas stations in us? what is the weight of a 747 jet? … 5 o’clock in the morning i was not expect to get this kinda of weird question. however, this director is a very nice people to talk to.



Sounds promising, I echo the unpredictability with BOAML telephone interviews. Your interview sounds interesting and I relish such chats rather than the painstaking competancy one’s where I wonder how the interviewing party expects to be treated seriously.

Wish you luck, if you got the guy’s email address make sure you follow up with an email stating how you enjoyed your chat!


@ Einhorn VS Buffet,

Thanks for your interesting point of view. To be honest, I though that IBD @ ML is quite strong in Europe, especially after the merger with BoA. As far as I know BoAML has the biggest M&A/CF team in Germany (even bigger than that of DB).
In the short-/medium-term it doesn’t bother me personally (as a potential analyst) who the next CEO will be, I don’t think that this will somehow affect me. From what I have heard about the bank, I like it & would really work there.

P.S.1: Do you know how much do they pay (at graduate level)? You can simply PM me the $$$. thanks

P.S.2: Do you (or anybody) know what to expect in an AC? I really wonder how tough is that?



Absolutely, before 2007 I classified Morgan Stanley, Goldman Sachs and Merill Lynch as the top tier banks (globally). However, you must remember that the real assets of a bank are its people. The top assets of Merill moved on earlier this year and this view was echoed in the Wall Street Journal. It eluded to that fact that maybe BOA got a bad deal as most of the top money makers in Merill moved on as soon as the news of the takeover was announced.

With regards to who they got as a new CEO sends a message. Intially, due to TARP related CEO pay restrictions as many as 18 candidates turned down the offer. They paid back the TARP but still could not get the candidate they wanted. In Germany your perhaps right but the top bank in the UK this year has been Morgan Stanley, with BOAML fifth. The CEO they have got has a law backgorund and personally I am very sceptical about the move. The ideal candidate would in my view need to have relevant experience in commerical, consumer and invetsment banking. I agree it is quiet a bit to encompass in one candidate but no one clearly wanted the job.

Finally, I have sent you a PM regarding your two questions.



When did you apply to the position for which you’re interviewing ? This year was a bit strange there were two separate applications for global markets analyst positions in Asia, one which was due in Sept/Oct and one which opened in Nov and was due early December. I applied for the latter and was told the screening process has just begun.



Does anyone have any information on the BOA ML assessment centre for Global Markets Summer internship please?

I’m just wondering if anybody knows what activities are involved and how the day is broken down

Any help would be most appreciated



Hey everyone,

looking for some advice on BofA telephone interviews for Global Markets summer internship. What type of questions do they tend to ask? Is it really that unpredictable?

Any help much appreciated!


There have been several S&T Summer internship ACs. Could anyone posts expierences pls? Thank you


Hi guys! Just wanted to check - does anyone know what comes next in the application process after the assessment centre? Is that the final stage of the entire process?
And also does anyone know if it’s usual to get invited to the AC without having had a telephone interview?

Thanks in advance? :slight_smile:


Hi does anyone have an idea on the sort of questions to expect in a telephone interview with hsbc north america for their graduate development program trainee.


Hi does anyone have an idea on the sort of questions to expect in a telephone interview with hsbc north america for their graduate development program trainee.


Hey guys–just got the email to take the numerical test–just wondering what style of numerical tests they are–what company?..also, where could i practise them, preferably for free!??..Cheers!



had my telephone interview, I had a feeling that she didn’t really want to listen to me and she wanted to get the job done asap, the person didn’t sound very friendly so it wasn’t such an enjoyable experience compared to other firms I’ve applied for.
questions were same as other firms, if ur prepared u should be fine