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I applied in december for a summer internship in London (Investment Banking & Advisory) at BNP. They sent me an e-mail yesterday to inform me that there are still positions available. Does anybody have received this message? Or perhaps someone here has already got an offer for a summer at BNP?

Thanks a lot!


Up… !!!



I got the same email as well. A bit more than a month since then, and I havent heard anything yet.

Anyone else?


The same here.


contacted hr


This is what they sent me:
"You can review the status of your application on the online portal (via which you submitted your application form). If it says ‘Application Under Review’ it would mean that your application is currently being reviewed by our recruitment team. Due to the high volumes of applications we receive, we may be unable to get back to you straight away with an update, however, we appreciate you would like to hear back as soon as possible and we will endeavour to get back to you as soon as we can. Unfortunately I am unable to confirm when you will hear from the recruitment team. "


I received the same email in February and I got two rounds of phone interviews recently (one analyst in the first round, one analyst and one associate in the second round). I am waiting for their reply.
Do you know if pay is competitive at BNP? What about the conversion rate?


Good luck youngman… Let us know how it goes

For the inter pay, I think it is around 700 PW, but not entirely sure

But I do know conversion rate is quite high. Majority of the analysts were previous summer interns


ok thanks for the information.
Let’s see what will happen!


Hi guys,

BNP finally proposed me a summer internship offer in corporate finance but I still have no detail about the offer. Do you know the dates of summer internships there? Does my school need to provide an internship contract?


If you don’t have these information while you got an offer, how could we have these?

One question though: you got an offer for which department exactly? Thx and congrats!