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hello guys, did anyone apply and take the online numerical tests for the Operations Analyst(Fixed Income) position?
Going through the previous forum posts, they seem to conduct a series of interviews beyond this stage, without an AC at their offices in London, is it true?
any insights will be of great help.thanks.


Did anyone hear back from BNP Paribas, after taking the online numerical tests?
I took them 5 days ago and I got a reply framed like this today:

"Thank you for completing our online test.

Your application is currently being reviewed by the recruitment team and we will update you again shortly.

We would like to thank you for your interest in BNP Paribas.

Kind regards,

BNP Paribas Graduate Recruitment Team"

does this mean anything?, or they are busy short-listing the candidates for the interview process- and handing out the application for further review?

any inputs will be highly appreciated.



Hi all, I received this email from bnp :

“Due to unforeseen circumstances outside our control the test you were invited to take of have already taken was corrupted therefore we need you to take the test again”

Anyone received this email?


@gui: same here, received it today, dont know why.

Once I started to take my retest, it redirected me to the application webpage instantly informing me’: Under Review after Online Tests.

Thank you for recently completing our online numerical test.

We will be in contact shortly to advise how your application will progress.

Kind Regards

BNP Paribas Recruitment Team ’

just writing up an email to the graduate recruitment team.


Ok, thanks for letting us know abhilash08.


@abhilash08: I was able to re-do the test.


@gui: I got a call from BNP Paribas HR later on yestdy, stating that there has been some sort of technical problems, and infact the test that I took first was valid. They also said that I have passed the test, and my application has been screened initially by HR, now its with the regional recruitment team, who will get back to me within 2 weeks.

Hope that helps.



Can you please share which test was used by BNPP CIB …SHL, Kenexa ?


@saurav: standard SHL, good luck!


@Abhilash - Thanks Abhilash !


Can anybody tell what is the avg. accuracy required on these tests - standard aptitude tests by banks


I hope everyone is well.

For BNP do you only have to do the numerical SHL test? Or are there otheres like verbal and logical?

Good luck with your application people!!!


was invited for an insight event !!! the aim is to meet hiring managers…
did anyone attend this event ? any advise ?
thanks for ur help


I passed the online test few weeks ago, is there anyone getting any further information from them? Thanks.


Anyone got invitation for the interview later this month ?


any progress update for this role?


I know now is a little late, I just submited application for this role ( london office), did the test. And my application is now under reviewing, so I guess I passed the test? but just wondering if all the positions have been filled? Does anyone has any updates to share?

Thanks much