BNP Paribas IBD 2011 - APAC

BNP Paribas

Applied to IBD grad program in singapore…haven’t heard back after tests (which i did well) and this was about a month back…any news from u guys?


Hey if it may help you, I just got rejected yesterday for the BNP Paribas Fixed Income role. (Asia)


sorry to hear that… i got rejected from RBS, bain&co, and bcg today…brutal stuff


no worries. rejections are part of the game. all the best to you mate.


xcde, which program (sales, trading or structuring) and location did you apply to?


Trading - Singapore


hey xcde, did u get an interview with them?



I applied to BNP for their Equities and Derivatives program in Singapore. and this was ages ago (more than a month ago). The last I heard they told me that my application’s being considered by the regional recruitment team.

Anyone got any further updates, for an interview or something?


nah… Early this year I had applied for the FI trading graduate program and withdrew after not hearing anything after nearly 3months… lol… and one fine day I get an email saying all positions have been filed and they wont be considering my app any further…rofl…

But now, I’ve applied to IBD and again no news…


“The last you heard”?

You mean they actually reverted to inform you it was being considered by the regional recruitment team? I’m afraid that’s news in and of itself.


yea… no one here seems to have got a similar message…


well, that was the communication they sent me, but that was just over a month ago. so it really is not anything substantial. Will let you guys if I have any updates.


hey ppl…

I applied for the Capital Markets Systems Support Analyst (IT) and got a pannel interview next week with two ppl from Credit Trading Risk dept . The email says that it will include competency qstns as well as technical…m not sure what kind of technical qstns to expect…

any suggestions anyone ??


Hey does anyone knows if BNP Paribas is still recruiting for Graduate IBD? I received the message telling me my application was forwarded to the regional recruitment team for further review on the 8th of December and then I received that same message again on the 16the of December.

How did other people fair? Did you get an interview?


Nope, same message as u lol


i applied to corporate finance analyst in hk, and received the same emails saying my application is under the review of the local recruitment team (12/16). But I havnt heard back from them since then. ANYONE HEARD BACK?


hi there

did anyone apply to the Equity Derivative Trading graduate programme 2011 in London and receive invitations to interview or updates? I didnt receive any email since the last week of December


applied for the hk tech division, but no news since the last email in Dec.
Wondering if they are really serious about recruiting this year…


i applied for FICC trading in hk and I just recently got an email from them (mid-Mar 2011). they told me they will get back to me once there are further updates.