BNP Paribas Global Equities and Commodities Derivatives Logical and Financial Tests

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Hi all,

I am applying for long term internship with BNP Paribas Global Equities and Commodities Derivatives - Paris and was invited to do a logical reasoning and financial tests in person (at their office).

Just wondering if anyone has done these kind of tests before or had any relevant experiences to share?
(I guess the logical test should be similar to the online one but have no clue about financial test like scopes, format, etc…)

Very much appreciate.


Hi there!

How did ur interview go?? would u like to share ur experience ? mainly what they asked on logic test and financial interview ?

Hope it went well !



Can you please tell me what to expect in the Logic & financial test?? I am more worried about financial test though, as I don’t have much of prior knowledge on that one.

Hope you did your test well.!!!


Hey, sorry i wasnt aware that there are responses to this post of mine.

Regarding logical test, there is nothing you can prepare, as its very customized by BNP Paribas. I cant remember detailed content but for example, its like there are 5 departments (Trading, Fixed income, ect) and each department has specific colors, specific position in the floor. Then they give you list of assumptions, like Trade is next to Equity, Blue is not color of Sales, etc, then in the end you have to look for the correct color and position of each departments. There are 10 of these and everyone has the same questions.

Regarding financial questions, it depends on which positions you applied, not everyone in the same test sesions (about 8 to 10 candidates) has the same set of financial questions. I didnt have any quantitative questions but all theory questions, fundamental theoretic topics you can find in finance courses. If you can, check out infor about all the major index on your test dates, I got question about this. But from what I heard from other ppl in the same test session, they had to calculate payoff for some basic structured products…

I didnt think I did well enough but I passed the test, got informed few days after.

Good luck!!!


Hey…i didn’t expect to get a quick reply either… :slight_smile:

actually i have applied for interns position for Global equities & commodities derivatives…and i’m from a general MBA background…with not much been taught in Finance side…so i’m kinda worried…
Though I have informed them of this constraint, still i’m wondering which things to look into before the test…I mean I am really not sure what to study or get more familiarized with…

How was your interview then…when was it scheduled…??


Hey, thanks for your inputs on the test…
I am done wid my test…though logical test was fine…i wasn’t sure on my financial test…as it was mainly subjective…i didnt have high hopes either…but they mailed me in two days saying I have cleared d test…

Now i have an interview with them and I’m not sure whether it will be a technical or HR interview…and wat will they ask…
is there anything in particular I should keep in mind…?? Moreover…i already had one interview on the day of the test as well…
so how many rounds to go before i get my confirmation??


Hey congratz!

To this stage, I guess I cant help you more as I landed another internship before being invited for interview with BNP. Yet if I am not wrong, in the email informing about your test result, they do provide details of next steps in the process. As far as I remember it would be interview with business team then if you pass this, it will be interview with HR.

Just wonder that you are applying for Paris office?

Good luck!


Hello my friend. I have also applied for the Global Equities & Commodities Derivatives long term internship and I was wondering if you could provide me some help regarding the type of questions in the HR interview… Did you finally got the job?


anyone has already taken the logical test this year ? what kinds of the questions are asked in the financial knowledge part ?


Hi guys, same question as Clairemao. I have been invited to a “logical test session” in Paris but I don’t really now what to expect. Any help here would be really appreciated


Hi my friend, Recently I applied for a long term internship in BNP, I was invited for two test as like you. I would be thankful if you could give me some info about financial test and how I have to prepare my self.

thank you so much