BNP Paribas Fixed Income Technology- London 2014

When I was just about to be convinced that it was another “silent rejection” from BNP Paribas, BOOM, I got an email from them inviting me for an assessment day(no, they do not have a telephone interview) on either 23rd April or 2nd May (10:00-16:00).

So this thread is meant for the following purposes:

  1. If anyone has been to a BNPP assessment day, (please please please)*100 share your experience. Appreciated.
  2. Since I was asked to reply to the BNPP’s email to confirm my attendance, I am guessing that the number of people invited to the assessment day is limited. If anyone has got the same email, please PM me, maybe we can do some preparation together.
  3. If none of the above happens, I will post my experience after the assessment day in this thread.

Wish you all a very enjoyable Easter break, and best of luck for all applications.
Peace :slight_smile:

Did you get the invitation to assessment centre directly after the online tests? I have received an email saying that i passed the online test but didn’t receive any other updates.

Hi tmo90!
I received an invitation for the assessment centre about 20 days after completing the online test, no telephone interview whatsoever. When did you complete your online tests? I did mine in mid-March.

Thanks for the info. I completed/passed the online test around 16th March, it was really easy compared to other companies!

Hi tmo90,
I am sure you will hear from them in the near future.
Good luck!

Thanks mate. Good luck with the assessment day.

Hey winstonwang,

I have also received the invite for the assessment day. I’ve chosen the 2nd may as my preferred date. They replied to one of my email, stating that they will be sending out final dates and further details on Thursday 17th April. Best of luck for your AC!

Hello everyone,

I also have my assessment day on 2nd May. Anybody went for 23rd April assessment. Any information would be much appreciated.


Hey guys, also got the interview on 2nd May. Have no idea what to expect and how to prep for this, Has anyone got any info or tips? Thanks in advance.

Hey, Did you only do the ‘numerical test’’ or were required to do both the ‘‘numerical & logical/verbal test’’?

I just did a numerical, didn’t do a logical or verbal.

I was invited to the AC on 2nd may, and I have received a schedule. Group interview in the morning and group presentation in the afternoon. anyone has more info on the group interview/presentation? there’s no individual interview?

Hi Everyone! I went through the AC process on 23rd Apr and recently received an invitation for the next round of interviews. Sorry for not being able to reply earlier, I was stuck in a hotel in Brighton where the internet connection was too good to load any webpage.

General Setup: There were appx. 20 applicants in my AC, who were then divided into 4 groups. All activities throughout the day would be carried out in groups, so it would be very helpful if you make effort to know the people in the group. The day is split into four sections: manager presentation, interviews, lunch and presentation.

Manager Presentation: A manager in the fixed income team would give a 20min presentation on the fixed income business and BNPP. This may be your first chance to really understand the nature of the job other than the information on the website. So I would suggest that you pay attention to the presentation, and hopefully this can also get you warmed up for the activities later.

Interviews: Like I have previously mentioned, all activities are carried out in your group. In my AC, 4 groups of interviewers rotated among the applicants so that each group of applicants was interviewed 4 times(30 min each interview). All questions were competency based. Although one of the interviews was supposed to be technical, applicants were not asked to write any code or explain any complex concepts. In my opinion, the ideal applicant would be a tech-savvy person with experience in project work and has the ability to work well in a team.

Lunch: The food was GREAT! The graduates were very friendly and helpful. It was also a great chance to network with people in other groups. It was great to meet people with similar passion and interests.

Presentation: Each group is asked to choose 1 from 5 topics available and is given 1.5 hours to prepare for a 10min presentation. Interviewers would observe the teams during the preparation to look for signs of team work, project management, etc. My advice is to manage the time well, and have a general structure to the 1.5 hour preparation time. Be confident, but do not try to bluff the assessors. The presentation from other groups were very interesting too!

Conclusion: Personally, I find the AC at BNPP very enjoyable. The assessors are friendly, every applicant has some unique experience and exciting stories to share, the lunch was great, the presentations were interesting. However, this form of assessment would make people show their true selves, so I guess there isn’t much one can do to prepare. After all, they are looking for people who naturally fit into their culture and working environment.

Best of Luck!

Thanks winstonwang for the detailed information, really helpful!

So this AC is not the final round, right?

Nope, it is not. Successful applicants would be invited for an other round of interviews with the teams would might end up working with.

Did anyone get to the 2nd Round? When are your interviews? If you have them, can you please discuss what was asked in them? Thanks :slight_smile:

Is BNP Paribas still running there recruitment for graduate schemes or internships? My application states ‘under review’ since April, anyone else in similar situation?

I have just done my third round interview with a different manager - has anyone gotten a offer or reply from BNP?

Hi Winston, thanks for the detailed description of your experience on the assessment day. I have been asked to attend the 2015 Fixed Income Tech assessment day on 26th of March. Was wondering if you can give an idea on what topics are there to choose from for the group presentation. For example, is it tech related topic or business related or just random topic? Also could you please share your experience of the second and third round interviews.

Hi Anonymous, can you tell us more about your assessment day on March 26th ? How difficult it was ?