BNP Paribas Fixed Income Sales Annalyst London

BNP Paribas

Hey guys any1 applied for BNP Paribas Fixed Income Sales Annalyst London?
hav cleard the tests but w8in to hear frm them…any inputs?


how long do they take to get back to u with the results of the test? i just did the test.


jst got bak to me…rejected :frowning:
abt few days i guess


but do they contact u after the test to let u know if u passed or flunk the test?


no they dont contact abt the test…it jst says thanks for completing test .we will gt bak to u shortly…gud luck wid ur applicationn


thanks mate! good luck with yr other applicaations.


get an invitation for the numerical test. Can anyone tell me which websites are useful to practice. I have never taken a numerical test.
How was the test?





thank you!


AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH! How do you get rejected with perfect grades from the number one university in the world? There is no hope besides working at TESCO.

Thank you for your application for the BNP Paribas - Global - London - Graduate/Analyst - Corporate Finance Programme with BNP Paribas.

After careful consideration of your application we regret to inform you that we will not be progressing you to the next stage of our selection process on this occasion.

Unfortunately due to the large volume of applications we have received this year, we are unable to provide individual feedback at this stage of our process.

We would like to thank you for the interest you have shown in BNP Paribas and wish you every success with your job search.

Kind regards

BNP Paribas Recruitment Team


“careful consideration” = 15 second glance by HR lady eating Walkers chips with chubby fingers.

“unable to provide feedback” = because we have already filled out 6 graduate positions we are offering this year.



It is seriously aweful got a same email today. :frowning:


oh dear!! the deadline passed on Saturday, and it seems like the rejections mails are flowing out in full flow now!!!

fingers crossed! - no news is good news - so far for me! (Corp. Finance - London)


Hey IBD_Haunter, we spoke before. i also applied to corp finance but in Hong KOng, my recent updates are they bump me down to my second choice “structured finance” which i know nothing about… I am not sure if that is a good news or bad…


Fingers crossed, no news for me either.

Also Corp Finance - London


@ .l9011fa2 - that’s good news. that means they liked your application and they didnt want to reject you! for corp. finance, usually they look for people with previous IBD experience, if you dont have that, then chances are pretty slim and it is better to apply for Structured Finance. This was the HR told me in person!!! so, that’s not bad news at all… well, unless you wont accept anything other than Corp. FInance


I applied to Equity and Derivatives Trading in HK. Previously interned on a tier 1 equity desk in HK but i’m not sure if thats going to be of any help. havent heard anything so far…no news is good news i guess :wink:

wat horrid markets to be looking for a job in. a masters degree and an internship later, not a single interview so far.

good luck to the rest of u!



Thank you for your application in to the Summer Internship Programme. Unfortunately to be eligible for this programme you need to be in your penultimate year of study.

As you are not in your penultimate year of study we will be withdrawing your application. However we still have applications open for the Graduate programme, if you would like to be considered for the graduate programme please let us know by return email by Friday 11th December 2009.

Focus on the last sentence. … I have actually sent them an email … asking if i need to reapply or what… but still no reply… tmr is the deadline … have they received my reply ?? ? IS this a gd news , as i know the grad recruitment 's deadline has already passed.

please give me some help … where can i find their telephone number ? thz


Hi guys! Anyone got update on BNP FI Sales? Spoke to the HR two weeks ago, she told me that they were still processing. I’m under review for a long time now.



The French banks tend to hire people with engineering or other highly quantitative masters degrees and hardly anyone who doesnt speak French. Maybe why some of you (incl me :slight_smile: have gotten rejected by BNP in the past.