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Hi, I am filling in the application to the BNP for the above position, but the problem is that they ask in the application form if I’ve got relevant work experience to the job (which I haven’t), so for this section should I fill in other previous work experience or should I just leave it blank?

And would it be a waste of time and get rejected if I have no previous experience relating to this job?


It’s certainly not a waste of time to apply without relevant experience - but of course, it would be better for your application if you did have some!

You could answer this question in a number of ways. You could leave it blank, but I always think this looks poor on application forms. If it was me, I’d put down my general work experience, but focus on describing how these experiences relate to investment banking, or how the skills and competencies I picked up from these jobs would stand me in a good position for an IB job.

Even if you’ve just worked at Pizze Hut, you’ve still worked in a team (see - [[teamwork]]), or even lead a team (see - [[leadership]]) and are likely to have solved problems (see [ [[problem solving]]).

Good luck - please let us know how your application and assessment process goes!


Thanks for the advice, I have submitted and got an e-mail wanting me to complete a online test. I am really worried about it, and don’t know what kind of percentage are they looking for since I only started practicing on SHL these two days.


well, that’s exactly the type of numerical test you will get. If you have done online tests at BarCap, UBS, RBS etc you should be fine. Anyway, let me know how it goes, because i haven’t heard from them since ages after completing the test. Maybe they’ve frozen recruitment already, who knows.


It’s my first online test for applications, that’s why i worry i might mess up. what firms you’ve applied?

   Is there any openining for finance analyst (entry level), guide me

does everyone who passes the test gets an interview or do they look at application once you have reached the benchmark for the numerical?


i have passed the numerica test and i got there feedback a month later. They just sent me the e-mail stating that they are not reviewing my application anymore. But i was pretty sure i did the test very well as i have already passed similar tests in different application successfully.


i passed did the test months ago, they are still “under review”


i just got rejected from corp finance,

can i still apply for internship scheme?


Nope, it’s one application per year.

l9011fa2 - They’re probably trying to schedule you in for an interview but it depends how many assessment centres they’ve got going on blah blah. If you were to be rejected, they would have done it straight away.


chucky: waiting could be worse than instant rejection, i preferred they could tell me straight away. How about you? any updates from your side?


i’ve been waiting their feedback for a month after the test completion


I dont know about the rejections that you guys got, but I spoke with a few HR people at BNP, and they told me that they will start screening aplications for Corp Finance in the last week of October and into November… and that’s when the interviews will start for Corp Finance. Different programmes has different time tables. I think for Structuring (maybe) and some other departmens, there is no first round, straight AC, which is gonna happen in October I think.


l9011fa2: I understand that’s not nice but unfortunately, HR can be slow! I didn’t get an instant rejection, they took an entire week plus two days to get to me! So I guess anything longer than that would indicate you’ve passed the test but they are attempting to schedule an interview. Remember, there’s a difference between rejection and being sent an email to say “sorry this job is no longer available.”


P.S I didn’t apply for Corp Finance, I applied to a different FT graduate scheme.


Hi chucky got some updates from BNP “Thank you for your application for the Hong Kong - Graduate/Analyst - Corporate Finance - Analyst Programme with BNP Paribas. Your application details are currently being reviewed further by the recruitment team and we will be in contact as soon as we have a further update. We would like to thank you for your interest in BNP Paribas. Kind regards BNP Paribas Recruitment Team” any thought?


After I did my test, it was the same as yours like that. (That was an instant thing by the way) Then a week later I got a reject. Don’t think too much into it. If you think you’ve got a good application and you felt the test went well then I am sure you should be okay. Don’t think too much into the emails, because that willl only stress you out and upset you more. Focus on your other apps that you have running. And unlike other banks, BNP don’t recruit as many graduates so it is harder to get a FT position there.


Finger cross for both of us :slight_smile:


Finger cross for both of us :slight_smile: