Bloomberg Recuitement


Can Any One Help me … I need informations about recuitement day at Bloomberg


Hey… Bloomberg Interviews vary from different interviewers.

The open Day lasts around 3 Hrs. I went in 2 -5. You will get to shadow an Analyst for 15 minutes .

You will be have two hosts from the company who will give you an overview of the company . Take you around all the floors.

ANd will have an interview at the end , usually by someone in the analytics and someone in the sales team. However it is very important to be well prepared. Know your area of finance very well. Knowledge of using the bloomberg terminal is a plus. And you will be also be asked to do a role play. selling a bloomberg terminal…

Also the basics why Bloomberg. WHy did you choose bloomberg. Competency based questions. Give me an example of your team work experience.

The important thing is coming across as a professional and being prepared with your financial knowledge.


Hi Samiz,

Could you please give more tips on the role-play (selling the Bloomberg terminal & the competency interview questions you were asked. I really need to work for Bloomberg.

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Pt29, i have been invited for a recruitment day with Bloomberg. Can you please provide with what the day is like and the questions that I could be asked? Thanks.



Pls when was your telephone interview. my was last week monday and I have not heard any feedback.

I will appreciate your quick response



mine was on friday and they told me that they will get back within 2 business days, which they did. Do you know if the recruitment day is the last stage?