Bloomberg Professional Analytics Event


Hi, has anyone been to the Bloomberg professional analytics events? what are they looking for during the event? what are the questions during the interview?

Any inputs would be deeply appreciated. Cheers


Yeah I’m curious as to what the event entails as well …


I assume you mean the financial sales and analytics?

The so called event normally is as follows:

You will be gathered in a room, given a small presentation. Then you will get a paper to test your language skills (ability to translate in any languages you think you are good at).

After that they split the group (if there are many of you) and half go to shadow a bloomberg person in the analytics department (basically a helpdesk) and another half goes for the interview. The interview is strictly tailored to your experience/background hence it is standard interview of knowing your stuff and researched Bloomberg.

They may very well ask you to make a sales pitch if this is the position you applied for. So you need to be able to sell and think for the client needs if thats the route they go for.

During the workshadow its pretty much relaxed chat about the job (helpdesk). When you are well grounded in Bloomberg they will then let you go to do sales in this career route, or you can become more specialised analytics person.

The next stage after this will be just one final interview. (all interviews I had were with 2 managers).


I have telephone interview with bloomberg this friday for sales position ,

any idea what question will likely to come up?

thank you


Hi, just had mine there. Very short, more of an informal chat. Not sure how well it went tbh. PM me if you want more info.




I have been invited to the second round interview at Bloomberg for Financial Sales and Analytics. The email correspondent has told me this shall be a competency one. However, the first interview i attended was also a competency one, and I do not know how the second one will be different in terms of questions asked.
Could anyone tell me what kind of questions they were asked for the second round interview?


hi! could you please tell me what questions you were asked for the second interview? i have one coming up. while my first interview experience was very similar to what you have described, i have no clue about what the second one will be like.


Hi How did it go?
im heading for my first interview with bloomberg -sales and analyst -, could you tell me please what kind of competency questions shld i expect? was it a group session?cause the hr lady told me that its more likely to be a 1-1.
many thanks in advance



thanks for the information!

i was just wondering whether the people you shadow at the analytics department actually test you on your knowledge of say…financial markets, or contribute to assessing you in any way: in other words, what are they looking for?
Also, if we are in a group and all go to the interview process, do they ask general questions to the group, or are we actually assessed individually and what do they look for?

thank you again


Hi Guys,

Can anyone tell me about the phone interview? What does is it involve? possible questions they may ask ? I applied for the analytics and financial sales position and I have one coming up!

many thanks,



The phone interview is quite short. They are likely to ask about that how did you hear about BBG, what do you know about them and shortly explain your interest in financial markets.



Thanks so much for your comments bpeti.



Any idea on the second stage interview? I just had a telephone interview. How long does it take for a feedback from Bloomberg? Any idea about the salary for analytics and sales?
Good luck to all


if you have been succesful it usually does not take a very long to get invited to the second interview. I was invited to the 2nd stage right at the end of the telephone interview (and other guys, that i met at the 2nd stage interview had a very similar experience).

2nd stage is usually an event where you meet also other succesful candidates. after the second stage it took them 2 days to get back to me.

about the telephone interview - you have to be very confident and know what BB does and why you want to work for them. That’s the key. If you can answer these two questions in a confident and enthusiastic manner (and if you trully want to work for them) then you should most likely get through.
good luck luck


@ mint mint,
Thanks for this useful insight. Do u currently work with BB? Was the 2nd stage the final stage for u?


hey g-host… it was 3 stages for me : a telephone interview, the event and a final interview. I had all my interviews in february and i’ll be starting the grad job this summer… happiness!

most importanty, be confident, relaxed and enthusiastic… they are nice people - and just really want to know you - the real and natural You… (i was trying to be myself, share some personal stories, what really interests me and smile a lot… do not worry about the right or wrong answers - as there aren’t any… just remember, if you are meant to work there, you’ll definitely get the place! if you won’t - something even more suitable awaits you around the corner!

good lucky luck :wink:


Thanks so much mint mint, do appreciate ur feedback. Congratulations!!!


thanks a bunch g-host! I’m sure you’ll do well! honestly! :slight_smile:


I am looking forward to meeting u. Hope we all make it happen in BB this year