Bloomberg Phone Interview Sales & Analytics Internship


Hi Folks,

I have an interview on Tuesday for Sales & Analytics Summer Internship - 1st round (15-20 min).

Have anyone gone through this before ?

Will it be more competencies, financial knowledge or Bloomberg related questions ?

Thanks a lot.




Is it a telephone interview?










hey there,

It is going to be Bloomberg-related (Why Bloomberg, why sales,. Also current markets knowledge)

Good luck!


Hi gradrebrick,

How is your tele interview with bloomberg, would you like to share some Qs been asked?
Besides, the motivation Qs such as why bloomberg, why sales, o they focus on competency qs or any market knowledge?
appreciate your ideas~ gOOd luck~



Ive had my phone interview a few weeks ago (and passed).

They asked

Why Bloomberg?
Tell me what you know about Bloomberg.
What other products do they have (other than the terminal/prof. service)?
Basic Financial Terms ie; What is a Bond/Equity/Derivative? and the difference
What skills are needed for this role?
Tell me about ur cv (a run through basically)?

Thats all i can remeber.

FYI: If you are passionate about sales and customer service, this role is for you. If your trying to jump from here into IB I would SERIOUSLY reconsider…

Hope this helps


Thanks a lot megriffin!

Did you pass the interview? What is next?


I think some market data is also important,

such as interest rate, exchange rate, etc.


Hey megriffin,

Have you done the in-house event? just wondering how did it go, and if you could share some of your experience or tips, it will be greatly appreciated!
btw, is it the final round for you? thanks alot!


i just had a phone interview with bloomberg today, does anyone know how long they take to get back to you.



It took them two days to get back to me.


Thanx Woksz, i am really scared


Don’t be. They’re all a really nice bunch of people and Bloomberg is an amazing place.


Hi guys,

Apologies for not responding sooner. I withdrew my application as I saw what I would actually be doing when I shadowed an employee. It’s like a help desk and some of the best traders ask stupid questions.

In House Event went like this:

Have an introduction with some leader
split into groups where some have a tour 1st and others have interview
Then the rest of the groups have interviews and the others have a tour.
Home time

My advice would be:
Know your cv inside and out
They asked some people to pitch selling a terminal so be prepared
More questions on current financial activity, its causes and future trends
Other bloomberg products and which is the most profitable
Typical day as an sales analytical rep. WITHOUT referring to what your saw during the shadowing (stupid question if you ask me)


Sorry forgot about advice for the bloomberg event:
Know your cv really well
Be confident, succinct, clear in answering questions. They will be competency based
Every other word should be SALES and CUSTOMER SERVICE
smile and relax
Ask 3 questions at the end




Bloomberg are very proud of their culture so read up on it.