Bloomberg New Energy Finance, anyone?


Hello guys,

I have recently applied for a role as an analyst at bloomberg new energy finance, I am just wondering if anyone had experience with them?

How long do they take to get back to you after your initial application?


anyone with an experience or advise please


I applied in the IT field. On the next day I got an invitation to an online test.
Just after I completed it I got invited to an interview.
They usually process applications very fast.


I applied and it took them a couple of months to get back to me! Have you heard back from them yet?


I applied and it took them a couple of month to get back to me! You heard anything yet?



No i haven’t, do you advise i call the HR or something? how far have you gone in your application?


I heard that it can take a long time and then they will invite you for a couple on interviews all very hard


So did you guys have news after sending the application?
And by the way, do someone know the selection process in New Energy Finance?



Hey Bloodline, Im about to interview with BNEF as well. Could you tell a bit about your experience?


Hello Rodeo,
Could you please give me feedback for your interview? Any idea as to what kind of background they are looking for etc. ?



Hello Rodeo,

How did the interview go? Any tips/ what are they looking for in a candidate?