Bloomberg Interview



I’ve just had a telephone interview with Bloomberg for a Futures and Options Data Researcher role. Been invited to interview and wondered whether anybody knew the structure of the face to face interview?

I’ve seen other threads regarding Bloomberg, but anyone with any hints on this particular position or more generally what to expect, would be more than grateful!

Many Thanks in advance,


No personal knowledge from me unfortunately - interested to find out though!

I’ve heard it’s very tough to get Bloomberg interviews. Do you have fantastic academic grades and speak lots of languages, etc?!


Speak intermediate french and have written for a legal business website. Have a few financial positions of responsibility from Uni.


What was your degree? Related to finance/economics?


Law Degree from a Redbrick, just graduated with 2.i. Been following markets for a few years now though.


hi guys,

I’m new to the wiki forums. i have a face to face interview with Bloomberg next week, and would like to add the same question john mentioned earlier. what should i expect ?

i would really appreciate some ideas about bloomberg’s face to face interviews.