Bloomberg Financial Software Development Java Test


Hi all,
I have just applied for the Bloomberg Financial Software role in Java and need to find out what sort of questions will be asked in the java test.
I have done a few modules at university in java and would consider to be intermediate.
would i be able to use the net to search for answers in the test.
your answers would really help.


I highly doubt it. They normally shoot off in an interview with loads of different Java questions i.e how would you do such and such in Java? What classes would you use to create blah blah? What is the function of this? If it’s a written test then you’ll be given Java code to expand, correct etc. So you would have to be fairly confident. Good luck.


That’s very unfair. You should question these. Bloomberg analysts are highly program literate i.e they go way beyond what is taught at a Bachelor’s degree.


I am also a java and php programmer and give the surety about your questions. Now get ready for become a perfect professional.




Hey Glen,
Can you please send me those screen-shots of the questions. I also, have to take the test some time this week. It will be of great help to me if you could send them to me.



Hi ygsh_sbl, did u get the screenshots


Hi Baba,

No I did not get the screen shots yet.
r u also about to give the test soon.
I will let u know as soon as I get the screenshots


ok thanks


Hi ygsh_sbl,

Have you taken the Java test in the end??? I was wondering what level is it and what part of java is it based on??? Because back in December I didn’t take the test as I was busy with other ACs but now I’m thinking about trying it.
Thank you in advance.


Hi Glen & ygsh_sbl,
Can any one of you please send those screen-shots of the questions to me too, even I need to take the test this week.
It would be really helpful if you could send them

Thank you


Hey Glen, ygsh_sbl & deepthiG,

Can you guys please send those screen-shots of the questions to me, as I need to take the test this week.

I would really appreciate it as they would give me an idea of what to expect.



Hey deepthiG

Can you please send those screen-shots of the questions to me, as I need to take the test this week.

I would really appreciate it as they would give me an idea of what to expect.




Did u get the screen shots? Could I possibly get them and where they helpful?



Hey guys,

I wrote the test didn’t do so well. but here is a link to some most likely questions, if you can get them you will ace it.

best luck


Hey guys,

I received the Bloomberg Java assessment test yesterday. I wanted to ask a question regarding it. Is there a practice test before the real thing?



hi Glen, ygsh_sbl, deepthiG and ali.kamal

I received a mail from bloomberg today to do an online assessment in java before the following Monday morning. As I am working on weekends unfortunately I have to do the test today. Could you guys please forward me the screenshots of the java tests you faced. It would be a big help as I have little time to prepare. my mail address is

Thank You Very Much.


Hi Kushi,

I hope your test went well. Did you get a response of from the test or a decision on the job?

By the way, If you got a response from the guys you messaged in ur post, I would really appreciate it if you could forward me your reponse.

Thanks and good luck!!


I did an online assessment for Bloomberg a few days ago.

The questions asked were all pretty much covered in my lecture course with a few exceptions but nothing that rapid google/API searching couldn’t cover.

The assessment is roughly 30 questions and you’re given 3 minutes per question which is plenty provided you already have a good knowledge of Java/software engineering in general.

Sample questions go along the line of
“Use of global variables can cause which of the following side effects” as well as some examples where you have to correct/interpret code.

Your total time is stored so you will probably be marked down if you need to use the full 3 minutes on each question. I believe I finished mine at around the 40 minute mark. You are then graded out of 4.5 with 3.75ish being the cut off mark for the ‘advanced’ category. I would imagine that reaching the advanced category would be the benchmark for receiving a follow up interview.

I did pretty well in the test and they emailed me the next day to say I have been accepted for an interview alongside a list of topics they are likely to question me on at the interview.


Thanks for the response, I really appreciate it. Good luck and best wishes for getting the job.

They say I have 48 hours to give an assessment for trade sys integration specialist. It is to test how quickly I can solve problems in unfamiliar areas I have never encountered before. Does that make sense to any one?

God help me.lolzzz