Bloomberg Financial Software Development Interview


Had an interview last week. Didn’t get the offer and I don’t even know the reason. Standard questions as mentioned earlier. Jut read this forum, they always ask the SAME questions. Don’t try to be too intelligent, they don’t know anything else but the answers they have memorised. If you give another answer, they will reject and debate.

Here are the questions posed to me:

Round 1 (2 nerds):
Q1. Tell datatypes and values of all the elements after the following program has been executed:

int main(){
char abc[27];
char *ptr = abc;
strcpy(abc, “abcdefxyz”);
printf("%s", ptr);
return 0;

// 1. abc
// 2. ptr
// 3. &abc[4]
// 4. abc + 4
// 5. *abc[4] + 2
// 6. &ptr
// 7. *(abc + 4)
// 8. abc + 4
// 9. abc[27]

Q2. #include<stdio.h>
char *get_date(){
char buf[80];
time_t now = time(1);
strcpy(buf, ctime(now));
return buf;

int main(){
char *date;
date = get_date();
printf("%s", date);

// What is the motive and output of the above program?

Q3. Make fibonacci series. What’s the difference in making it through recursion and loops.

I answered all this in first 15 min, so next 45 min were just passing time type questions:

Q4. What is the use of static in Java? (The morons didnt know about static blocks)

Q5. What is abstract class?

Q6. Puzzle: 3 containers with fruits in them. One has oranges, one has apples and the third has both, apples and oranges. Labels have fallen off, so we don’t know which container has what. In 1 go, i.e. by picking just 1 fruit correct the labels, as ALL 3 of them are incorrectly placed at the moment.

Q7. Do you any questions about us or bloomberg?

Round 2 (1 senior citizen):

Please note that he is old and has less memory so just remembers the solution he has learnt. He will not accept any other solution even if you give a better one.

Q1. We got 1 million integers and stored them in an array. How do we find the first unique integer. (Read integer as in English)

Q2. 4 containers with about 10 - 20,000 pills in them. 3 containers have same pills weighing 100mg, and 1 has pills of a different type, weighing 90mg. The labels have fallen off and we need to correct them. We have a weighing scale (it’s not a balance scale, but the one where you place something on it and you get the reading). Use that scale just once, and correct the labels.

I had answered both these questions in 10 mins, so I was shown the door. The key is to take your time and make them realise that they have made an effort in thinking all these questions.

Overall, the company is good, good pay of 36000 GBP per annum, good cafeteria. Go for the money and facilities, people are worthless.



I had an interview with FSD sometime back…I agree with almost all the things posted here, except ‘nau’. Bloomberg,UK don’t reimburse travel expenses unless they offer you a job. Also, they have the policy of being rude to candidates to see how they react or just trying to catch them off the guard. nau’s says “…it was very pleasant. Didnt get the position but the all interviewers were friendly”. This is completely untrue. I strongly suspect ‘nau’ is bloomberg employee/manager trying to speard wrong information here!
Becuase my personal experience matches with the all other posts here. Another thing is, my friend attended the interview a few weeks later than I did. Despite having all these info(thanks to my failed exp.), he still failed and got the same questions! Same answers and same result!


Had similar questions when I did the interview back in July 2010. Unfortunately I completely lost my nerve and missed out on the job.


Here’s my experience:

I applied for Financial Software Development (Entry-Level) for Non-Computer Science graduates. My interview consisted of 3 meetings over the course of 3 hours:

  1. Interview with 2 current employees who had been working there for a couple of years. First a couple of brief questions about why Bloomberg and why this role. Then was asked some basic questions about C, had to implement an algorithm on paper in C/pseudo-code which they specified, then ended with a brainteaser type question.

  2. Interview with a senior employee. Was given a situation which involved searching an array for a value which met some conditions. Asked to come up with an efficient algorithm, and asked to implement that algorithm in C.

  3. Interview with someone from HR. Non technical questions looking to find out more about motivation and goals, basically looking through and discussing CV. Fairly standard competency questions.

All in all was a very pleasant interview experience. The interviewers were very polite and were willing to provide guidance on technical questions if I struggled initially. Don’t worry about answering everything perfectly straight away. Just make sure you show your thought processes and demonstrate you understand the underlying concepts.

If you’re looking to apply for this role I recommend brushing up on basic C, including addresses, pointers and arrays. Maybe practice a few brainteaser type questions too. Also be prepared to answer some motivational questions, even if it’s just a technical interview.


Hi steven, I had my interview today and I got through all 3 stages as well. I am currently waiting for my result.
I d like to know if you received the result of your application yet?


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