Bloomberg Financial Software Development Interview


Hi Nani,
did u get my e-mail ID?


Hi Nani,
I gave my online assessment technical test 2 weeks back, but since then i haven’t got any reply from them. So should I assume that i m not selected for the next round of interview or should i still wait for their response (do they really reply whether or not you are selected) Please let me know if you know nythin. Will be grateful of you


Has anyone attended any interview for Java ( Financial Software Developer) ?


I agree with some of the comments here; I remember interviewing with Bloomberg for this position back in 2006. I seem to remember preparing assiduously for it and nailed the interview but still got a ‘no’. Waste of time and no expenses allowance. Rude. Avoid.

I was asked:

  • Why Bloomberg?
  • What do you know about Bloomberg?
  • Tell me about your University studies and final year project.
  • I was given a program written in C and I had to find the faults in it.
  • I was asked to write pseudo code for a couple of simple algorithms involving linked lists and arrays.
  • I was asked a brain teaser about books on a book shelf and also the standard one with a 3 and 5 litre can and you have to measure 4 litres.

That was it. Good luck to anyone pursuing this one!


I have an online assessment in C next week. Can any one help with their recent experiences?



Try to solve questions on brainbench. Most of the questions in written test are picked from braibench.



I too have an online assessment in C next week. Can any one help with their recent experiences?



    i have an online assessment test in c++  next week for FSD position.Need some help here.Do you guys have any idea if the test would be multiple choice questions or involve  writing programs?Any one had an experience with c++ online test? What topics to concentrate on while preparing? Please help.




I had a telephonic interview with Bloomberg. its been a week they have not come back. When i asked the consultant he said they need couple of days.
I am bit confused as well as tensed. I am really looking forward to work with them.
Can anybody tell what is happening.



I had an interview with them a while ago for FSD entry-level. There’s supposed to be 3 interviews, if you get through the first you go to the 2nd, if you get through the 2nd you go to the last. The first is with 2 young people (mine had been there 3/4 yrs), the second I believe is HR and the last I believe is with a senior guy. I only got through the first, but they asked what other people have said on this page - first they gave me a sheet of paper with a C program on it involving pointers and a list of variables and asked me what the types of each on the list were. Easy if you even read about C for the first time like I did a few days before the interview! Then they asked me what the difference between stack and heap are. Then another sheet with C code, asked me what was wrong with it - hint: it’s to do with stack/heap. Then asked me to code fibonacci on paper. My interview ended here because I wasn’t thinking straight and was too slow in coding.
Hope this helps somebody!


Hi guys,

I had an in-house interview some weeks ago for FSD entry level, and though I wanted to leave details.

First, I did not get the job, and I had THE SAME experience as @notnani (obviously I was hoping my case would be different), and the format is EXACTLY the same as what @gaspcat detailed except he didn’t seem to reach the logic question stage after fibonacci code writing.

I am writing this to tell anyone applying to the position that:

  • Do NOT waste your time applying, and you’d better spend your precious time on other places.

  • Do EXPECT that you do extremely well in online test. ('cos it’s repeated, so you could screen-record and aim for 100%)

  • Do EXPECT that you do extremely well in in-house interview at all stages ('cos what they ask seems to be THE SAME, even logic question I was asked was THE SAME as @walt’s so pretend you’ve never seen it, and answer cleverly after 10 sec of fake thinking)

  • Do NOT EXPECT to get the job.

Here is my story:

I scored something like 3.80 on online test (can’t remember exactly but well over the world/bb avg.) btw, it was my second time taking the test, so unsurprisingly I did well.

I got an email for booking the in-house interview after like 1 or 2 hours of the test.

a quick walk through of the interview:

arrived at 11:00
met two guys, shook hands with smiles.
btw, they don’t smile back to you but rather give you a look “oh, why the fuck do I have to waste time interviewing a graduate”.
they asked “u want any drinks?”, I said “yes, could I have water please”.
one guy was like “mother fucker, why would you ask for a drink, waste of time”.
went into the interview room, I was asked a question “why bloomberg”, followed by “what did you do for your final year project”.
then, moved onto do the C questions, basically commenting on what the code does. piss easy stuff, just revise pointer, stack, and heap.
then, moved onto writing fibonacci. piss easy stuff, I mean who’s never written it before both recursively and non-recursively.
then, moved onto logic question. they asked the Railroad Bridge question:
yeah, I’d seen it 'cos @walt mentioned that he got asked the question above.
so, basically they won’t change anything in the interview for at least 2 years. so:

  • Do EXPECT that you do well in in-house interview at all stages
  • Do NOT EXPECT to get the job.

I got a amazon-auto-reply type email after a day saying sorry.

I’m telling you, don’t bother and look into somewhere that will at least CONSIDER you.

Any questions?, I’m happy to answer.

p.s. I got a near-ideal job after numerous rejections and I understand the PAIN in hunting for a graduate job, and feel not right the way they treat us. It is the MOST RUDE interview I’ve ever experienced so far.

Good luck for your job hunting guys!!


Dear @activist, I think you’re way too pessimist. I had an interview with them about 2 months ago. It was not so bad. I have also got the train question.
After the first stage I got another technical interview with a senior member of the staff. The questions I got were mostly logical, and he was very friendly.
After this stage I got the 3rd interview with a lady from HR. The questions were usually the ones you normally expect in an interview.
I found the interview really interesting and enjoyable. The interviewers were friendly and I was not as nervous as I was expecting.


Hi sar89,

Interesting to know your experience, and quite funny yet to find that you got the train question :smiley:

I think you’re way too pessimist.
I am really not a pessimist, and I really had a bad experience (hell not 'cos of the rejection, but 'cos of how UNfriendly and rude they were in the interview).

I guess there would have been another stage with a senior member, and the 3rd stage interview with HR then if I had passed the 1st stage of the interview?

If you could outline the 2nd and 3rd interviews, I’m interested and surely will help others out.

also, do you mind asking if you got an offer?



Hi @activist,
I am sorry for you having a bad experience. As I said, my interview was enjoyable and interesting.
The 2nd stage consisted in an interview with a senior member. The technical part was made of an
algorithms problem(for which I had to write java or C code) and a logical one. I have also had questions like
Why Bloomberg? How can you contribute to our company?
The 3rd interview was conducted by a HR lady. The questions were quite typical: Why Bloomberg, what motivates you,
where do you see yourself in 5 years…?
The interview took about 3 hours - with (10 minute breaks between the rounds)
I found it as a nice experience.


Hi guys,

Need some help. I have just given the online test for Bloomberg and have been scored as Proficient in the result. How much do you need to score out of 3.50 so that you get progressed onto the next stage? My percentiles were quite low as compared to the other candidates :(.

Do let me know.




I had an interview for FSD in London last year. I agree with some of the comments about them being slightly rude, but I’ll get onto that.

It’s done in three sections, for me the first one was with two technical guys. I had a logic puzzle, C pointers and other things, and had to write/explain a couple of simple programs in C. This section lasted for a good hour.

The second section was by a single technical guy, and lasted for another hour. This guy didn’t really seem to be interested in interviewing me and spent alot of the time sorting his own emails out whilst I got on with the problem in hand. I had to come up with various algorithms for processing arrays, and another logic puzzle.

Finally I had the HR interview which was around 45 minutes. This was the typical “what do you know about us?”, “why Bloomberg?”. I was offered reimbursement for my travel, but I was also successful in my interview - so maybe they only offer you reimbursement at the end of the interview if they’re going to give you an offer. I got my feedback the next day and it was very constructive - so I guess it really depends on who you get to interview you! Overall it was a very friendly experience, I would recommend anyone to apply.


Recently had an interview and it was very pleasant. Didnt get the position but the all interviewers were friendly and I was informed of the result within 48 hours. My travel expenses were covered and constructive feedback on why I had been unsuccessful was given when I called them (basically my experience in software was not as good as the comp. sci. guy that was also going for the position).

All in all I was left with a positive view on the company, even though I was a little disappointed not to get the job!


Can anyone tell me what the cutoff for an interview is on the online test? I scored a 3.49 (61% and 64% quantile) (proficient) but I didn’t know you lose points the closer to 3 minutes you take for any question… i thought they just graded on whether you answered correctly or not… thanks


Does anyone know an email address for Bloomberg HR? I just need to follow up my application. It will be really appreciated if some can can either post it here or email it to me on I applied for law data analyst at Bloomberg UK. Cheers