Bloomberg Financial Software Development Interview


they are going to ask more on data structures, memory management, pointers in c and i have not much idea abt java. binary trees, hash tables are very important. they may ask about your college project as well. I gave test in C. In C++ polymorphism, inheritance, operator overloading, container classes are important. Be prepared for some logical puzzles over there. If u know any helpful website pl let me know.


Hi walt and spoiled,
Thank you for your suggestions. I dont know why they asked me to prepare on Unix too (possible topics e-mail). I did not mention about my Unix experience or knowledge in my cv. Do you think they will concentrate on my less fluent language (Java) ??? I have mentioned that i have proficiency in C and knowledge on Java. My doesnt tell them about my C++ or Unix knowledge… But their mail states them as well as possible topics. Do u think they will ask questions on unix and c++ (on which i have no command). Spoiled, could you please check the personal message i have sent through wikijobs.
Do you people apply for any other entry level positions.

Thanks for your suggestions,


as far as i know bloomberg mostly use c++ and java. so possibly they might ask some oop concepts. I will get back 2 u in the evening. i got ur message.


Hey, i got an online assesment,
i was wondering what type of question do i have to answer in that? what difficulty level are those questions?


Hi Attaul,
When is your online test. Which options (software proficiency) you have selected during submission of your application. Depends on them you will be asked questions.
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Hi Harry,walt and spoiled,
Could you please provide any online materials (if you are aware) to prepare for run time analysis of programs. I did not take any related module on this topic during my undergraduation or post graduation. I developed various applications (as part of my studies) but never concentrated on these topics… I am non software engineering graduate and could not find proper material on this topic. please help me by suggesting few tips to prepare.I will be very grateful to you if you can send any online links or good book names.
Thank you,


Hi there,
I was invited for online skills test to be completed in 3 days. I dont know what is this… Could you please give me few details.
Thank you,


hi nani,
check the website and in the search type data structures. u can download ebooks from here. “Teach Yourself Data Structures And Algorithms In 24 hours@VIKS” u can have a look at this. when’s your in house interview?


hi harry,
how’s ur interview mate. could u tell me wht they asked. it will really help me.


Hi spoiled,
Thank you for the links.
But that book is not available there for download… Do u know any one who attended the interview recently…
Do u have any links for logical questions…?


give me ur email. I will send u.


I am sending you in p. msg: please check once… Thank you…


Do you know what this statement means:
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sorry…s is there after 10…


any one had info abt number of available positions…? (appoximately)…hi spoiled did u check my email…
thanks for info,


hi spoiled and everyone,
Could you please give me few final minute tips prior to interview… Spoiled, All the best for your interview.Could you please let me know how it went…it will be great help for me … As you know my interview will be the next day …it will be most helpful if you can give me few suggestions on your interview experience…
Thank you,


Hi Nani,

How did your interview go? Could you plse share with us your experience (i.e question asked, etc)
Thank you


Hi lboro,
After interview, i had a feeling that BBG is wasting our time alot. They asked only 2 technical questions for which i answered correct. I checked my answers after coming home and programmed to verify the results. My answers and explanation was perfect. The third question they asked me write a program and i wrote a pseudo code. I checked this at home… As soon as i go to interview room, i was asked why BBG, my software projects, why i am changing my career to software… Then 2 technical questions ( readin a program–pointers)… then they asked me to write a program… I wasted nearly 15 days of time by expecting some tough interview… prepared c upto the extreme. I did not expect this interview lasts only few minutes…
Within 18 hours after finishing interview, i got a reply for them saying sorry… I enquired other candidates too… they had the same experience… I think they have only one or two positions available or none available… But it is better not to expect much and do the same mistake what i have done… wasting time without applying for any other jobs within this 15days…
All the best,


Hi Nani, thanks for sharing your experience…Really sorry that the outcome is not a positive one

What were those two technical questions asked? I mean a specific question if u still remember.

For the third question, what sort of program did they ask you to write? I mean what was the program suppose to do? and how long was the interview? i.e 1hr?

and do they reimburse the travelling cost?

Thanks a lot and don’t let this experience distract you from ur job search for other opportunity


They are basic questions in pointers… Give me your phone number or e-mail id… So that i can help further… Third program is very simple similar to palindrome… They did not say anything about reimbursing ravelling cost… I think they dont reimburse… I feel bloomberg is not good for me… Nearly 15 days (240 hours) of hard work went into vain… just 3 simple questions to say no ( That too i answered well)…If they gave me tough time in the interview, i would have felt good as i was lacking somehing. But…
This is not a good company … they would have said no at initial stage only… I feel that i should nt apply for this company any more in my life time… I have interviews with other companies too in a week’s time… I gave my best effort to BBG as i like that company alot without thinking about my other interviews…
When is your interview…Give me your phone number and e-mail id… so that i can give you few tips. We can not predict what they are going to ask… Just prepare at advanced level and then check what happens… I wish you will crack it…