Bloomberg financial software developer telephone interview


hello everybody!

I cleared last week the online test (I choosed java, BIG MISTAKE! :slight_smile: ) and (probably due to the fact that I don’t live in the UK) the scheduled a telephone interview with me for the coming week… Do you know what kind of questions the make at the telephone? Technical, HR (eg Competency based) or both?

Thanks a lot!


I have the Bloomberg financial software developer online test with in 3 days. n i also chose Java . Can you please tell me what type of questions they ask in the exam n what topics they actually stressed out?
can you please pass ur sugessions quickly?
thank you very much


the test is about JVM, casspath, threads and everything you could know about java… It’s not easy, but I think with another browser open (1 window with google+1 window with the JAVA API open) and an IDE open as well, you can succeed…

By the way, the phone interview was technical: they told me to prepare a few topics about the language of my choice (JAVA) and (surprise) they interviewed me about C…

good luck!


Thanx a lot


Hi smok,
I have to give the Java test within the next 3 days.In the e-mail that they sent me, they have mentioned the topics under Java as Applets, Graphics and n/w programming, RMI/CORBA, JDBC, Enterprise features and the fundamental stuff… I have not worked much with RMI., CORBA and network programming in Java.
So, I wanted to ask if these topics really come up in the online exam or should I focus more on the core stuff?? For instance, if you remember, can you share the question you thought was the toughest?


Hi all,
i have an online test for the 2011 financial developer position at bloomberg. there was no mention of any programming language preference in the application form, but i have said c/c++ in my resume. i am a phd student in physics. could someone tell me wat language would the test most likely be based on. any help would be of great help.


hi all,
I chose my language to be C, completed my test today and trust me. dont feel like going in bloomberg after the test. btw I got a 3.2ish score and the level shown was proficient.
I have been asked to come for an interview. SHit…have one wid goldman sachs n BT next week. Its really gonna be hard :frowning:


I would suggest choose C/C++ as their code is mostly written is these languages.
@vish1989, how was your interview?


@sar: its on 1st dec


Good Luck :wink:


Hello ALL

I received the mail saying that i have my online test in 3 days, however it did not specify what language it is going to be on. I am not even an advanced programmer I studied Business Computer Information Systems it was more of a business focused programme. Where do you guys suggest I reviewing.



Hello all,

I applied for the 2011 Financial Software Development Internship but they invite me to the in house interwiew with the tile of the email being
“27747-2011 Financial Software Development - Entry Level”

Is that correct?

I am still in university and I just want a summer internship!

Btw, is formal suit required when being interviewed?

Thank you all in advance


Got it corrected to internship now.

Still, could anyone suggest what kind of clothes should I wear?


Suiting up would be the best




I recently did a phone interview and my interviewer was really decent and prompted me when I was struggling or confused, without giving too much away. They’re there to try and get the best out of you and appreciate that some things are hard to do over the phone and that you might be feeling the pressure.

The sort of things he asked was:

Why Bloomberg?
Why Finance? (i am not from a finance background)
What is your software experience?

Whats a pointer?
Difference between pass by value and pass by reference?
Difference between stack and heap?
Difference between c and c++?
Describe inheritance and polymorphism and why they’re useful.
Describe some data structures.

Given a list of 100 numbers (randomly sorted) give some methods you could use to find what number is missing.

Brain teaser: the 3 tubs problem with the labels messed up (one apples, one oranges, one mixed) - pick one tub and take one item. which tub should you take from to figure what the correct labels of all tubs should be. I struggled here because its hard to get the important detail over the phone (ALL tubs are labeled incorrect not randomly messed up). Interviewer asked me to describe my thought process and i eventually got there. Have a pen and paper ready for this bit!!

Asked if I had any questions for the interviewer?

And that was it. You will find out within 5 days from a member of HR and then it will be taken from there.