Bloomberg Financial Sales & Analytics (London)


Hi guys,

I have been invited to the last stage interview at Bloomberg for the Financial Sales & Analytics programme. There are some questions I’d like to ask, so if you’re familiar with the role, your help would be highly appreciated.

First of all, I have read that the interview is very similar to the second stage one, where you are being asked a lot of competency based questions from your CV, then questions about the company and the role and finally a few simple finance related questions (i.e. difference between a stock and a bond). Is that true for the final stage interview as well or is there something in particular I should know and prepare for?

Secondly, the salary. Bloomberg does not say anywhere what package they are offering. I have heard various rumours, going from as low as 23k/year to 36k/year. Anyone knows which one is the case?

Finally, exit opportunities. I have read tons of opinions saying that since this a helpdesk (some even call it ‘call center’) role, the exit opportunities into a proper finance-related role, such as trading or IB are nonexistant. I was wondering if any of these people actually worked at Bloomberg, because to me it seems like this is a very decent role, to develop your knowledge of finance and markets in general. Of course, you will not learn IB skills like valuation and etc, but this should still give you the necessary experience and the skills to secure a graduate level role at a bulge bracket bank in a couple of years. Or am I completely wrong?

That’s all I have to ask. Thanks for your help in advance and feel free to ask me anything.



How did your day go?
Would you be able to provide more insight into your experience with Bloomberg?


Hi MM88, are you currently working in BBG?


Anyone have any experience with factset? got an interview lined up there and wanna know about the exit opps