Bloomberg - data solutions associate


I attended the first round at the London office last Monday for this position. Just wondering if anyone else interviewed for it; and subsequently whether anyone else has passed it?


How was ur experience?


It was better than I thought, when I entered the building everything was rather intimidating, but when I actually sat with the interviewers I felt pretty comfortable; actually started talking about the champions league and how Rooney’s the best player in the world at the moment!
The usual questions were asked, why us, why financial services, tell us about your experiences. So did you attend too G-host? How did you find it?


I ve got mine for friday. Can u kindly give me more details about the interview and when u expect a feedback from them. I applied for analytics and sales. A detailed breakdown of ur experience will be greatly appreciated.


Well one tip I have is get to the office 20 minutes before the time allocated; once you sign in at reception you will be asked to help yourself to the canteen and take a seat beside the escalators; in front of the seating area you will see two Bloomberg terminal.

I would suggest you take 10 to 15 minutes browsing the terminal and familiarise yourself with some of the functions; this will enable you to comment about their flagship product when asked about it.

You will be interviewed my a team leader and a leading sales rep (but this may vary); my interviewers were rather relaxed but you never know. The will proceed to ask you what you know about Bloomberg; then they will ask you who their main competitors are; proceeded with how you keep up with financial news e.t.c.

The interviewers will not know anything about you and will most likely have looked over your CV a few minutes before they see you so KNOW YOUR CV INSIDE and OUT; they will ask you about any work experiences and extra-curricular activities you have; I did an internship with an underwriting company and I work in sales at the moment; so they will enquire about what you learnt/did there.

Do not bog them down with too much detail because your interview will be rather short. Above all make your answers relevant - client services orientated. In the end as a few questions 2 or three to confirm your interest a good source for questions is as follows

Finally be confident and don’t stop smiling

p.s I was told I passed the interview approximately a week later; am waiting to be allocated a date for the next and hopefully final stage… I hope this is sufficient detail


This is so so helpful, u ve just made my evening. thank u so very much.


Hope it is ok if i revert with more questions if I ve any.


Hi maac_x
when was ur interview in their HQ?


I had mine last monday


ok, and ve u gotten a feedback on it? If yes, how long did it take?


It took exactly one week, I was told Monday (22/03/2010); but it will obviously vary with the number of applicants there are for the position


Had mine today.


Guys any tips for the last final interview in bloomberg?