Bloomberg Assessment Center Training Program


I have been selected for the assessment center at bloomberg for Global data entry level training programme 2012.
Do you have any advice?
They told me that there will be a General Finance test…have you ever did this before?



Hi there!

I have just had my telephone interview this morning and have been invited to an assessment day for next thursday (13th oct).

I was wondering how was your day? What was the interview like? What was in the general finance test??

Also, can you tell me about the next stages of the interview process?

A reply would be incredibly appreciated !!!

Thanks a lot



I took the programming test last night and fml it was hard. What did you two get in that test to get the phone interview. Its looking like i wont. It rated me as profficient but in terms of global and company percentile i was mid 50’s ouch


We have the General Finance test…and I think that it’s not about programming…
@ Shimmi_shammi : did you know something more about the assessment center?


Just a thought for you Ciaolavi,

Have a look at this

Guessing they will ask questions on the list of key commands

GOVT - government securities (US treasury and non-US)
CORP - corporate debt
MTGE - mortgage securities
M-Mkt - money market
MUNI - municipal debt
PFD - preferred shares
EQUITY - equity shares
COMDTY - commodity markets
INDEX - indices
CURNCY - currency markets


Sorry Jermaindefoe, didn’t take the promgramming test before my telephone interview. I have applied for Global Data

I asked at the end of the telephone interview, and I was told that there would be general questions on what is going on at the moment (assuming it will largely be based around the implications of the European sovereign debt crisis), questions on bond and equity markets, and general economics questions. I read economics at university, but never did any finance modules so that’s why I’m a bit worried. I think I’m just going to get on investopedia and read up on the basics of stocks and bonds, what a CDS is, an IRS, what the major exchanges are (FTSE, DowJones etc) and have been reading the news regularly…

When is your assessment day Ciaolavi? Mine is this Thursday, so happy to help with what I find out today and tomorrow, but I do work 9-5 everyday so can’t check wikijobs too often

Cheers and good luck to you both



Hi There,

It looks that we gonna see each other on Thursday. I know that the assessment centre will take a whole day almost. There will be introduction to Bloomberg training programme, financial test which I am really concerned about and an interview.
Personally I don’t think they are going to ask us about Bloomberg Terminal commands so there is no point of learning that. Financial test is the thing that worries me the most. If you find any info on that please post. I will do the same



Hi There!

I was invited to Bloomberg for the interview for Sales and Analytics Program. Does anyone knows what is this interview like?



Hei! who has been selected?
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HI. I have a telephone interview with Bloomberg tomorrow. They just emailed me today evening. Can anyone suggest to me what questions am I likely to get asked? Thanks a ton!!


Hi there,
I had my telephone interview last monday for the Global Data programme and I have not heard anytin. should I still be hopeful?



Has anyone applied to Sales and Analytics recently? I applied about a week ago and still havent heard anything.


Hi guys!

I’ve been invited for Bloomberg Assessment Day for 2012 June Global Data training programme, on 7th Febrary 2012. It’s written in the email that there will be a group presentation, BAT and an interview. Anyone else is going there? Does anyone know what to expect during a group interview? Any help would be appreciated!!)


did anyone take the multiple choice test on the finance markets & general knowledge?

I have been selected to take part to the 2012 Global Data summer program assessment centre and I was wondering if anyone can give me some advises on this test and on the assessment centre in general…




Please I will like to know when the Global Data Training program for 2013 is commencing.