Bloomberg Aptitude Test





The Bloomberg Aptitude Test (BAT) is an aptitude test owned, published, and developed by Bloomberg Institute an educational division of Bloomberg LP. It is used by employers in the business world to evaluate employment candidates.The exam tests individuals on their ability to think critically on financial topics and the results are used to measure their level of readiness for a career in business related fields. The exam is administered in 58 countries on university campuses and reaches out to employers on a global scale. It was first introduced as the Bloomberg Assessment Test, then changed into the Bloomberg Aptitude Test in 2013 as to reflect its ability in measuring innate financial potential and career skills rather than technical know-how and learned knowledge

The BAT currently has these eight sections: [News Analysis (12 questions), Economics (12 questions), Math Skills (14 questions), Analytical Reasoning (12 questions), Financial Statements Analysis (12 questions), Investment Banking (12 questions), Global Markets (14 questions), and Chart and Graph Analysis (12 questions)].