Bloomberg: Application to Offer



Hey guys!

I’ve recently finished going through Bloomberg’s application process for a grad scheme, and thought it might help some of you out if I wrote out what happened during the process. They’re quite a no-nonsense company, so the process is quite tough. Be prepared!

First up, you apply online. All the usual stuff here – contact details, work and education history, and so on.

Then you have the online assessments. From what I understand, which ones you do depends entirely on what role you’re applying for. I only had to do a numerical test. I don’t know exactly what company provides their tests, but most numerical tests are pretty similar, so get plenty of practice in.

If you pass the test(s), the next stage is a video interview. If you haven’t done one of these before, do try a mock one as they can be quite odd at first. Essentially, there’s no interview. A question comes up on screen and you have 30 seconds to prepare and then a 90 second window to record your answer. In this case, you only get one shot at the answer (some allow two attempts), so try to nail it. The interview is mostly about competencies, so it’ll ask about your strengths and weaknesses in relation to the role, and it’d be great to give examples of times you demonstrated your strengths in the past.

At this point, most companies will have an assessment centre. But not Bloomberg. At least for me, I have read other reviews of people being invited to an assessment centre. Instead, I had three quite gruelling rounds of interviews, taking about an hour each. The first was a two-on-one with two team leaders in the sections I applied for, the second with two higher up managers, and the final with the head of department for the region.

As for the tone of these interviews, it varies entirely depending on who takes them – so I suspect they largely have free reign to conduct them how they want to. They’re all a real grilling for sure – no easy rides here – but some were better at giving a relaxed, less stressed environment than others. Luck of the draw, really.

They were all competency based like the video interview, though of course more in-depth. And each will ask different questions, most likely having been passed notes from your previous interview. You’ll need solid examples to back up your strengths, good critical reflection on any potential weaknesses. You’ll want to have good reasons for wanting to go into your chosen career path and for wanting to work at Bloomberg.

Also, be sure to know your stuff about the company, their clients and current affairs. They’ll ask things like how a particular recent event might impact upon Bloomberg, or how one of their clients looks to be doing. It’s also a very good idea to take a good look at their vision and values page ( to see what kind of attributes they’re looking for so you might try and reflect them in your answers.

Prepare for each like you would any other interview. The good thing about having three interviews is that you can learn from each one. After each, I’d recommend you take some notes regarding what you think you did well and what you think you could improve on, and then work on those aspects in between.

In all, quite a straightforward, no-gimmicks and fairly gruelling process. Be prepared to be tested hard. But it’s a great opportunity at the end, so don’t let that put you off. The process is a great learning experience regardless.


Hi thank you for your post. I was wondering did you have your last two interviews on the same day? because I passed my team leader interview and now invited to manager interview but on the confirmation email it said “I am pleased to confirm the details of your final interview”.


I can’t even submit my application. It keeps telling me that there is a problem and that I should check back later. Need help