BLOG for starting a job hunt - accounting firms!


Hi Guys,

I have just started my job search and am thinking of doing a blog detailing all applications I do - and my thoughts / success/ rejections/ motivation etc.

I am an accounting and finance graduate from a top 30 university and am looking to apply to the big4 / large / medium and small accounting firms.

I have already had 2 big rejections. Competition is tough!

If anyone is interested in reading my blog and how I am finding everything please add a message to this / message me. I just want to see how many people are interested in this - if enough people I will do the blog and if a fair few I’ll do a youtube blog.



anyone? :frowning:


Hi, i’ve just started my job hunt too and would be interested in seeing how your getting along :slight_smile:



yeah i’ll read it!

Having been rejected by 20+ firms I would definitely relate to it


I’m definitely interested in reading about your job search :slight_smile: i’ve been trying to apply to accountancy firms for the past year.


Hi i’d definitly be interested. Think i’m a bit late but started applications today…the psycometric tests freaked me out a bit as hadn’t done basic maths in a while!!


Lol… “top 30 uni”… that means you went to a uni that is between 20-30th.


Hi guys, thank you for all your messages.

Basically I have started applying for accounting jobs. It is certainly not too late. I would say get you applications in before February / March. Obviously play it safe and apply early.

I spent ages on an application to Centrica and got rejected after submitting the application! I was really gutted. Every rejection hurts!

But as Rocky says " It’s not about how hard you hit, it’s about how hard you can get hit and keep moving forward!"

I have first interviews at: KPMG, PwC and Baker Tilly.

I am still waiting for a few more. But I need to send many more applications out! (I would rather send a few but better quality ones.)

I was rejected from a first interview for tax at BDO. I felt they wanted someone older with more experience. I felt it was a bit ageist! (No wonder there is so much youth unemployment!)

I would be very grateful if you guys could let me know what information you would like and I will try my best to get back to you as soon as possible!

Personally I hope to get KPMG/PwC but I can’t be too picky. Does anyone know any firms offering ACA/ACCA training outside an accounting firm?

I would just like to end with a personal thought: I feel the Big 4 Accounting firms are a lot more fair. - They recruit if you meet their criteria. So it is not like the Apprentice at things such as group exercises!

Thanks :slight_smile:


Hi there, hows your progress going? I got rejected from Deloitte, and it does hurts. Move on and looking for another job, got interviews with PwC in 2 weeks time and waiting for EY to set up their date for 1st interviews.


hi! i’m defo interested in reading your blog.
I have had many rejections already…even got to the ac for kpmg and failed there…it’s defo tough getting so far just to fall at the last hurdle.
how’s your app’s getting on now? got anywhere?


@ JobHuntStartsHere “Does anyone know any firms offering ACA/ACCA training outside an accounting firm?”

Loads of large companies recruit graduates to their finance departments every year. Most of them will offer CIMA (or sometimes ACCA). I don’t think I’ve spotted any that do ACA but that’s because working in industry is a completely different ball game to working at an accounting firm. They’re probably a bit more competitive too as the Big 4 recruit lots more graduates than almost anyone else.