Blick Rothenberg 2011


Anyone have any experience of applying to Blick Rothenberg?


I applied to Blick Rothenberg at the end of February 2011. Upon submission of the application, I received an email confirmation stating that all applicants would be contacted within three weeks with the outcome of the application. I did not hear from the firm within the three weeks, waited another week and then I emailed them requesting feedback. I received a very apologetic response the same day and they said that they would let me know whether they want to take my application further by the end of the following day. I was then invited to take the online maths and verbal assessments (provided by Kenexa). The called me the day after I completed the assessments to invite me to a first interview with a partner. The interview will be next week. Hope that this info is not too late for you!


Hi Nosorog,

I know it was a while ago now but I was wondering if you can remember what sort of competency questions you were asked in your Blick Rothenberg interview and what sort of other questions they asked you?



Hi guys

It’s obviously quite a while since you posted about your Blick Rothenberg interviews, but I hoping you could provide some details of what you were asked on the day?

I’ve got an interview next week and can’t find anything about the interview anywhere.

Any help would be appreciated