Anyone else applied to BlackRock, got an invitation for a numerical test on new years eve. PSL test.

Also, do any of you guys know the pass score for these tests. Got 16/20 for sure but not a 100% sure of 4 questions so most probably they are wrong.

Havent had to bother to think about the pass score before since I pretty much nailed them but a few new questions confused me and made me run out of time, guess the hangover didnt help either :slight_smile:

16/20 is 80% of full score so it is not bad but Im a bit worried. Do you get rejected by once if you fail, I did my test sunday and havent heard from them or PSL.


what are you applying for?


I think the division was called the portfolio management group. Think it is equity research. Have you also applied to BlackRock?


Yeah I applied for the same thing. Are you grad or internship?


I applied for an internship there, you?


has the blackrock summer internship deadline passed? I cant seem to find the application form for research.


Think the deadline was in December.


I did the test over new years weekend as well. I’m applying from Australia. Are you guys London based?

I’ve heard they take a while to reply.


hey i just did the test. Did u hear anything yet? I am wondering if you press a button on the answer which is highlihted and then u do not click finish instead wait for it to end, does the last answer still count?