BlackRock Technology Interview


Has anyone been to the BlackRock Technology interview? what kind of technical questions they ask during the interview?


Hi jjjhhh001, I also want to know. When will you do the interview? Mine is on 24th Jan.


Hello Guyz, how did yur interview go?? and what sort of stuff did u guyz encounter


Hello FeiSha, just wondering…how did yur interview go?


Has anyone got a Blackrock aladdin and technology assessment centre AC on Thursday 9th February?


Yes i do…on the 9th also. Now revising my java notes. and u…whatz up??


I had a first round interview for a technology position at black rock in March '12, it consisted of two 30 minute interviews.

I was then put forward to the Assessment Centre which occured in April '12, this consisted of one 45 minute interview with a senior staff member.

Then a 45 minute programming exercise which involved me programming a solution to a problem provided by them. In the programming exericse there was a staff member who gave assistance and an assessor.

After this there was a 50 minute group exercise which consisted of 5 members. We had 10 minutes reading time, 35 minutes group discussion and 5 minutes presentation time.

I was then offered a position 2 days later. They contacted me by email to arrange a time to call me, the contract came through the same day as they told me.


Hey guys did anyone have a recent interview for the technology analyst position?