BlackRock Risk & Quantitative Analysis Phone Interview


I’ve got a phone interview with Blackrock’s risk and quant division. This is for a place on their graduate scheme within this division. I’m looking for some help with questions they may ask apart from the generic “why Blackrock”, more so the technical and psycho-analytical questions. If anyone could share experiences that they have had with Blackrock’s graduate scheme and even risk teams from other AMs, it would be much obliged.



Hey, about the RQA phone iview:
you should not worry about it. the iviews (2X30min iviews) are mostly competency based:
why blackrock?
why RQA?
what u will be doing in RQA?
what strengths you have?
what was ur favourite/least favourite course at univ?
challenging situation;
negotiation example;
successful teamwork example;
problems in teamwork u’ve encountered;
there was one question about market trends (so do you follow market news and what can you explain in details)
they didnt ask technical question; but if you start talking about something technical from your example, they might ask you to elaborate.

summing up, prepare answers for competency-based iview and you should be fine!


Thanks bud, that’s very helpful, hope all went well for you!

I just didn’t know what to expect from Blackrock, but by the sounds of it, it doesn’t seem too streneous.

Thanks again man!


hey mate,
So the questions were similar? or anything that you were unprepared? (if you remember that is)


thanks BPA, that look really useful!!


Hi here,

I was told that there is gonna be some numerical/financial element in the interview as well as competency questions. Did they mention the same thing in your interview invitation and did you get asked any??

And btw, how long did it the BR to get back to you after your first round?

Sorry for the list of questions but it would be great if you can share your experience with us please!

Many thanks!!