BlackRock Graduate Programme


Has anyone heard anything from them? Does anyone know of anyone getting an interview? I did the online tests ages ago, I got an email afterwards telling me I had sucessfully completed them, but I haven’t heard anything since.



I have been invited to an interview and numerical test next tuesday in London. They did not tell me what sort of format the interview would be or anything. Do u know anything more?



I really don’t know anything about the interview. Haven’t heard anything after I got the email telling me I’d sucessfully completed the online numerical test. I must be about to be rejected :frowning:

Did you already do an online test? Are they retesting everyone?


i waited for about three weeks before i heard about an invitation to the interview. I have to sit a numerical test as soon as i arrive before i even get to the interview. I just can’t find anything about their recruitment process at all.

Also they amke you pay for travel etc for the interview. i am travelling from Scotland to London just for the day. joke!


i had this interview last week for portfolio management. 2 interviews with 2 interviewers in each. was all technical questions about bond markets and mean variance optimisation. you need to know your stuff because they’re looking to test you. its hard.


Could I know What are the interviewers? HR people or fund manager?


Fund managers. i had the two interviews yesterday as well as the numerical test. Test was really difficult and the interviews were based on competency questions and scenario based questions too.


Have they told you when the result will be avaible? And when and what the second around would be like?


Should hear back soon after the first round interviews. for pmg the assessment days are being held on tuesday and friday next week. No details on the specifics of the assessment day unfortunately (tho i guess standard group discussions etc can be expected).


If the HR send you an email regarding the assessment day, detailed information about the content should mentioned( group discussion or presentation etc). They can not tell you the date but with no other information especially it will happen next week. I am waiting for their response after the first around. I did not heard anything from them yet. It is for PMG, edinburgh only. Maybe they have different program?


You might think that the info SHOULD be included but it isnt. To be honest it doesnt make too much difference to me, as long as its unknown for all taking part in the assessment day. (Im talking about the london pmg prog btw).


Thanks for your information. Good Luck!


anyone else going to the Assessment Day tomorrow (London PMG)?


I contacted them today to be told that interviews for business areas except Equities & Multi Asset will be held in mid Jan through to Feb. I’ve applied to their client group and did the test back in October - hadn’t heard anything after an email came through to say I had completed it successfully. It doesn’t seem to mean they have rejected us anyway :slight_smile:

Does anyone know if interviews differ between the business areas or are they all fairly standard? Thanks!


You will be interviewed by people worked in the business areas that you selected. This is for sure!


Hi everybody,

sorry to desturb. How long does it take the recruiting team to go back to candidates with results of online numeracy tests?

Many thx for help!!


I was told about 3 weeks later that I’d been successful with the tests and my app had been passed on to the relevant division (PMG).


Many thx for info.


Hey everyone,
Does anyone have an idea what kind of score they’re looking for with the numeracy test? I kinda messed up 3-4 questions on the online test and Im wondering if thats not going to be enough to get through!


I received an email 2wks ago saying I passed the numerical test and nothing afterwards…the process is so slow…I can’t access my account info on their website and there is no contact email for the either the recruitment or the technical support…