Blackrock Graduate Programme 2013


Hi guys has anyone applied for the Fundamental equities gradaute role at BlackRock starting in 2013. I applied 3 weeks back but have still not received anything asking me to complete the online numerical test


Hey apatz,
I have also applied. Have not heard a thing so far. Perhaps it’s just a rejection and no reply of any kind… we will see .


Hey fiksi,

I have a feeling they might reply after their deadline which is 23/11/2012. By the way did you also apply to fundamental equities??


Hey apatz,

Yes, I applied for that programme. We can only wait and update each other I guess.


I applied same position as well, no news :slight_smile:


hey guys same here. applied 2 weeks ago. but havent heard anything yet. applied for equities as well.


Hi, I just received an invite for the tests. Anyone knows if it’s SHL or Kenexa? Thanks!


hello everyone-same here, got invited for the tests, they look pretty difficult, anyone knows if they are SHL or Kenexa?


hey guys, I took the tests yesterday, they’re Kenexa…numerical was ok, verbal slightly trickier…does anybody know how long they take to get back to you?


Same here, people… waiting to hear after tests.


Does anyone know how long it takes them to come back with an outcome after tests?


Just to double check- is it the standard ‘True’, False’ or ‘Can’t Say’ format?


What divisions have people heard back from? Anyone in FixedIncome?


Yes it is


Yes it is the standard ‘True’, False’ or ‘Can’t Say’ format.


Hey, have also applied for Fundamental Eq programme, just did the NRT and VRT, the timing was the tightest I’ve experienced yet but the questions were fine. Not sure what the recruiting timeline is, I don’t expect to hear back for a while though.


Yeah BR take some time to come back…


hey guys, just to let you know I have received a link to do the tests (again!) but I had already completed them on Thursday so I guess they have little tech problems going on atm. Those who haven’t heard back with test links email them maybe …


anyone knows if everyone gets these tests or they cull at this stage already?


I also got the email to do them again, they must be having some problems, yeah…anyone heard back from them?