Blackrock Fundamental Equities First Round Interview



I have a first round interview with Blackrock Fundamental Equities. The email says “These interviews will be competency based but you should also be prepared to answer questions with a numerical element and/or technical/financial questions.”

I would really appreciate if someone can help me with what things I should prepare for along with the usual leadership, teamwork questions.




Unfortunatelly I cant help you but I was just wondering from which uni you are?

I applied for the same position but I have been rejected without an interview.


Don’t know if this helps anyone, but last year we got 2x30 min interviews in first round for graduate position. Predominantly competency questions, few corporate finance questions (reasoning: ‘you’ll be analyzing financial statements all the time’) and that’s it. No tests, no group exercises…pretty straightforward but then I didn’t get invited to AC :frowning:


Tnx John for sharing information with us! Really helpful! What kind of questions did they ask??? Any market questions? Who interviewed you? Any additional info helps! Tnx


Forgot one question: was this for Fundamental Equities or other parts?


Forgot one question: was this for Fundamental Equities or other parts?


@Saw I interviewed for Fundamental Equities, but really can’t tell you much about questions…I just remember them being either about motivation or knowledge of corporate finance. Interviewed with analysts from division, but they were quite pleasant to talk to. In general, easy questions, nothing special.


Hi John. Thanks for your comments. Really useful. From a corp finance perspective, can you possibly elaborate a bit more . In the sense was it basic in nature or more detailed. And when you mean analysts , senior analyst or essentially graduates with a few years of experience? Any tips or suggestions for the interview?


Hi Guys, I have just been invited for a first round interview in the Fundmental Equities grad program. Reading your comments is really interesting. I was wondering if any of you who had interviews last year can remember the sort of questions you were asked? I am especially keen to find out what numerical/technical questions were asked?