BlackRock First round Interview- Portfolio Management Group


Hi, anyone got interview slot for 2011 Internship positions in BlackRock ? that would be great if we can share information about interview questions?


Hey Knock007!
I have an interview with blackrock for internship position in PMG on 27 jan.
when is ur interview?? if any!


Hi Alley786, sorry for delay.Mine is tomorrow on28th.
Appreciate if you can share some questions by tonight, otherwise I will come back and make a comment tomorrow afternoon. Good Luck


Hey Knock007!
I just had my interview…no specific questions. They mainly derive questions from your CV. Just prepare well on Blackrock as an organisation, and have a thorough read on the news regarding blackrock’s profit for 4th quarter. Competency interview was jus like why blackrock, why asset management…nothing special as such!


Hi there, I just got home, that was a similar story as on your side. Many details questions about my CV, and the second interview was more competency question which I found it boring;) do you know when they are gonna email us about result? Or do u have any idea about number of Places for Portfolio Management? I appreciate if u can post any news from HR?


I was told that the HR will get back to us on monday. They will probably call us to give us some feedback and inform whether we have been through to the next round or not…Well that pretty much it. Can you tell me which team interviewed you? is it the BMACS team or equities or anything else??
I have no idea as to how many people thay will take or how many places they have for the internship…


Hi ally786,
I met managers of both team(BGI) and blackrock. Both from Equity team. What about you? I guess all of 4 will decide ,For sure it is not just from Blackrock. Although I met a guy today, and he said people from BR make the final decision ( he was a candidate) but it doesn’t make sence to me, as they are now joined. Contrast to my other experinces, that was difficult to guess their feeling and feedback . They were so nice and positive!!


Do all the divisions have the same application process (e.g. 2 rounds of interviews)?