BlackRock First Round Interview - Cash and Securities Lending Graduate Progam



Have anyone been invited to the first round interview for Cash and Securities Lending Graduate Program?

I was told that there is gonna be some numerical/financial element in the interview as well as competency questions.

It would be great if someone can share their experience here please!



Mine is on Thursday. Really cannot find many info abt it compared to interviews of other companies. Some posts mention that most questions will be competency questions n related to your CV? Not sure… getting nervous now… When is yours?


Mine is on Thursday too. Gonna have a date with the interviewer on valentine’s day lol

I guess they just do 1 day of interview for all candidates… So im guessing that they don’t hire many grad :frowning:



Even I had my interview for sec-lending on thursday. Did they say when they will get back and what to expect in the next round…?


5 days. n they said “if you passed this one, then would be a series of interviews”… > <
but I checked online, somewhere says next round will be assessment centre? not sure…


Hi, I have my interview next week, can you tell me what each interview was like and any questions they asked? What kind of “financial and numerical questions” did they ask? I really don’t know what to expect. Thanks!!


Hi ‘student9792’ its just a normal CV/competency based interview. Nothing to worry about. They didn’t as me any numerical or finance questions. When is ur interview…? and is it for sec-lending…?


Anybody heard back from BlackRock…?


Yeah! Final round on coming Monday :slight_smile:


Congrats!! When did to get their email? Still waiting :frowning:


Congrats !!! when did u hear from them…did they send a mail or call u…? have not heard anything from them…:frowning:


Final round is 3 interviews btw :slight_smile:


how was the final round interviews…


it was okay, ppl r really friendly me think.

anyone heard bk from blackrock yet? They called me today but i missed it =/


guys did anybody hear back from them for sec lending…they are really slow !!!


Yep, i got an offer :slight_smile:


not yet >< dont want to say this but will they reply if the interview was not successful?




dont want to say this but will they reply if the interview was not successful?


Congratulations…!!! so ru taking it …?