Blackrock 2014 Fundamental Equities



Does anyone know what they are doing to assess candidates for this? There’s nothing I could find on the website to indicate whether it would be just an AC or if there’s reasoning tests to be done before.


Hi, Blackrock usually reviews the app before sending out tests. It conducts a first round of interview via telephone or face to face depending on feasibility, and if successful, it is followed by a day long Assessment Center at the location you have applied to.


I’ve just received an email inviting me to complete an online numerical reasoning test. I assume they review applications before sending out the tests because I applied about three weeks ago. Has anyone else been sent the link for the tests?


I’ve just got the invitation to the tests as well. What division?


Fundamental Equity (Edinburgh). Do you have any info regarding the process? I assumed they must screen applications first.


I got invited last year to for the tests after a long screening process along with 3 other friends. None of us got an interview invite despite all of us being certain that we passed the tests…


Saborio, exactly the same here. The process seems very erratic.


Were the tests difficult? Ive found most investment banks tend to be quite easy, fidelity were by far the most difficult aptitude test I’ve ever taken


I would say the tests were easy.


Hi Saborio, how long did it take them to reject you after the test? Sorry for having to ask this.


Hi. I got invited to the numerical test within a few hours of submitting my application… Wasn’t sure if the applications were screened prior to the invitation or not. Quick question - I’ve read elsewhere there’s a verbal reasoning test too but I’ve only got the invite for the numerical, did anyone else get the invite for a verbal test?

The practice questions on SHL seem deceptively easy - I’m wondering how similar are the actual questions to the practice ones…

Thanks for the info!


Hi would you mind to share what is level of difficult regarding the numerical reasoning tests? Are they SHL or Kenexa or else?


Hi would you mind to share what is level of difficult regarding the numerical reasoning tests? Are they SHL or Kenexa or else?


The tests are provided by S H L, and their difficulty level could be described as medium. It’s just the standard 25 questions in 18 minutes, so speed is just as important as accuracy. I managed to complete the full test but missed one question around the middle (can’t remember which). Goodluck


Hi, did you get further invitation to verbal reasoning after you finished the numerical part? I wonder do they send out verbal test invitation depends on which biz area the candidate is applying for?


Has anyone applied to the 2014 London Graduate programme for Equities or Client Solutions and received a numerical test?