BlackRock 1st Round Interviews


Hi all,

Is there anyone recently completed your 1st round interviews with Blackrock? I got the interview invite for Fixed Income Research, would really appreciate it if ppl can share their experiences/questions :))


Hi , is this for full time or summer?


Fulltime, you?


Hi , I also sent my app for fulltime but didn’t get any reply - I’m rejected I think.


I just want to write something about my recent 1st round interview with blackrock.

2 interviews of 30mins respectively, both were head of the department, not HR.

1st interview, started with competency questions, very standard. The Head just used the questions prepared by HR, e.g. how you find a second solution when the first method did not work? how you deal with conflict in a team? how you come up with initiative/different approach to add to the existing practice and then improve the process? after the competency, he wanted me to demonstrate how to evaluate the risk of the a certain industry/company; then ask me why i want to join this division and why blackrock, then i could ask him questions.

2nd interview was pretty much the same, but a bit more motivational and technical. e.g. why this division, why blackrock, why you studied this degree at uni; what did you do for your internship (coz i did sth similar in my internship), what are the key metrics in evaluating the risk of a certain company/industry. then ask him questions.

anyway, i thought i did quite ok, but just got an email saying i was not successful to the next round of AC…very upset…just wish me luck next time :()


Hi lovelondon,

I am sorry to hear that and I am sure you will find something better soon!

What divison did you apply to? I was told that there is gonna be some numerical/financial element in the interview as well as competency questions. Did they mention the same thing in your interview invitation and did you get asked any??

And btw, how long did it the BR to get back to you after your first round?

Sorry for the list of questions but it would be great if you can share your experience with us please!

Many thanks!!


i applied for fixed income research…they got back to you on the same day of interview
i didnt have any numerical questions…


Sorry to hear that it didn’t work out. You seem like you’ll get back on your feet quickly.

With regards to he questions they asked you, was it more of you having to go through how you would deal with each situation, before giving an example? Or was it more of them asking you to just give an example?

Also, where was your interview?

Thanks in advance


Have you had you interview yet? Care to share your experience?



Has anyone applied for Sales & Marketing heard back from BlackRock? I’m apparently scheduled for an interview according to the online system, but I haven’t heard anything since I completed my tests in November!


Has anyone applied for financial modelling group? (fmg) I am nervous about what technical questions they may ask


^FT or SA?