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Bird & Bird

Uhm title kind of speaks for itself! Anyone got any information about it? The firm have just said there is “testing” and a presentation about the firm. Anyone going to the assessment days on 12/13 August? Or even better, anyone been and can tell me what it’s like?! The firms page on Wikijob seems a bit bare! Or just anything about their main competitors, important things to know etc etc Thanks in advance :slight_smile:


Looks like you might have to be the guinea pig for this one- hopefully someone who knows will reply soon!

If it’s a [[competency based interview]], there’s a lot of stuff on this site to help you.

Let us know how it goes!


“Testing” probably means a written [[SHL]] or [[Watson Glaser]] test. You can find examples of both (these tests are different) online. Check the [[SHL]] website and the [[Lovells]] website, for an example of [[Watson Glaser]].

The presentation about the firm will be a talk by HR about [[Bird & Bird]]. Pay attention and try to ask an intelligent question at the end of it, if you can.

Be prepared for interview questions like: Do you really want to work for a [[magic circle]] firm? / Did you apply to [[magic circle]] firms? / Why didn’t you apply to [[magic circle]] firms. …so make sure you have planned answers for why you want to work for a smaller firm and what you like about B&B specifically.

There’s a few bits and pieces in the [[Berwin Leighton Paisner Training Contract Interview Questions]] profile which might help you too. B&B are a good firm with a good reputation. Give it evrything you have - show them you love them and that you are very enthusiastic and knowledgable. You’ll be fine… good luck.


Hey Ooh - how did your interviews go at Bird & Bird?