Big4 - Should I follow up or let it go?



First of all, I would like to thank the WikiJob community for participating and building such a useful forum.

Three weeks ago, I went to the partner interview at a big4 company, for an entry level management consulting role. I thought it went well, as at the end the partner clearly asked me to treat him with no formalities. And so I did. After the interview I sent a thank you e-mail to him and I took the chance to ask when should I expect to have an answer (Note: he did not know how were the hiring processes going during the interview and offered to ask to the HR director). Then, he answered back saying that it would take two weeks at most, but he would make an effort to come back to me within one week.

Then I waited. Two weeks after the interview, I called to his secretary to understand how things were going. She had no idea and said that the process was with the partner and that he was out of the office over the last few days. Now, I realized that he saw my linkedIn profile but I heard nothing at all from him. Should I send an e-mail to him or just let it go?

Note: I know the guy is very very busy. They called me to be at an interview on the same day. Then, they cancelled an hour before, saying that there was an emergency. They eventually rescheduled the interview for a month later because the guy had a project in another continent. During my interview, his phone was always ringing. However, don’t you think it is taking too long?


Hey Peter, how long has it been since you called the secretary now? If it’s only been a few days since you called, I might wait a little longer. If however it’s been several weeks, I think I would follow up again with her. He sounds incredibly busy (and to be fair I am a little bit impatient!) but I don’t think it can hurt to call her again, apologise for bothering her but say you’re really keen on the role and ask if there is any update on the process, as it shows you’re enthusiastic and keen, but doesn’t look like you’re hassling him every five minutes. Also, although I wouldn’t mention this (as it can seem pushy and like a bargaining tool) ultimately I’m sure they realise you might have applied for other things and will be keen to know an answer so you know where you stand, so I don’t think they will be surprised or bothered by you following up again if a reasonable amount of time has passed.


hey Peter, should you not be contacting the HR department rather than the partner himself?