Big4 Corporate Finance Departments


Which group within CF departments will give more experience and advantage to move into investment bank? Business valuation or M&A or Public-Private partnership?
Which particular company (Deloitte or KPMG)?
How about transaction support practice?


Depends what part of an IB you want to go into? If you’re looking at M&A, then M&A in Big 4 would be your best bet! :wink:


I haven’t decided yet what part of IB…


KPMG CF is the best one among the Big4


M&A is M&A but valuation can be more interesting as you assist in valuing all sort of projects types. avoid PPP with current economy climate I say.

M&A and Valuation are both decent choices, though depends what you like more, PPP is too fragile…

I would choose Deloitte as they grow faster and are catching up on PwC while KPMG is lagging…but then again I was in PwC/Deloitte before I went to IB so I could be biased…


Hey guys i ve just been offered a job at E&Y in coporate finance, How does the opportunities and prospects stack up. I am currentley working for a Hedge Fund and wondering how good this scheme actually is. I would love your feedback.


2NERVA10 Thank you for your opinion!

Any other suggestions why Valuation and not M&A?

2T32 Big4 CF always say that they are more prefferd than IB because of broader experience you gain .