Big Four - Compared


I wanted to know what everyone’s view of the Big Four are.

I am in the final stage of assessment for EY, KPMG and Deloitte and need to start considering the possibility of having to choose between the three.

EY - Financial Service Audit
KPMG - Public Service Audit
Deloitte - Internal Audit (risk management).

I have done some research and I believe I’d prefer Internal Audit but I realise that the first 3 years prior to getting that ACA qualification it probably doesn’t matter TOO much which department you start in…

My first impressions of each company have been:

EY - Initially very good, tarnished somewhat by the fact that their process has been extremely slow (4 weeks from application -> online tests, 3 weeks from tests -> interview, 2 months from interview->assessment centre). Was interviewed by a member of HR and not a line manager.

KPMG - Very impressed, good speedy communication. Interviewed by line manager (much more insight into my prospective job)

Deloitte - Same as KPMG in terms of speedy communication, interviewed again by line manager (my favourite interview out of the three in terms of how comfortable I felt and genuinely made me want to work there!).

Who would you go for? Is the choice THAT important? Is it easy to move about after your ACA qualifications?

Thanks and if anyone needs any help on the interview process for each company give me a shout!


That’s odd… My experience of EY was totally different.

Once I did my tests I was called up the next day to arrange a first interview with the line manager, and an AC was within a week and I found out on the day. Contract took a while longer to arrive though. I haven’t been interviewed by HR throughout the process.


From what I’ve read it seems being interviewed by HR is an odd exception. Perhaps it was just bad timing (I was also interviewed in a different city to the one I am applying for!).