Big Four ACA Exam Bonus


Hello Everyone!

I have heard on the grapevine that for each ACA exam pass made at a Big Four accountancy firm that a £500 bonus is awarded to the trainee. Would it be possible for someone to confirm this as correct or incorrect please?



would be interested in knowing this also, in particular PwC? (I actually doubt it to be honest, under current economic conditions)


There is a bonus for passing all the written exams first time. The bonus is around £1k. This is in the contract so it cent be changed for those who have already started, and I havent heard anything about changing for new joiners, I doubt they would take it away even in the current climate. 1k is a fairly small number compared to other costs.


I’m at PwC in a regional office. The year above us did get, I believe, £500 per written exam passed firt time. They have removed this benefit for our year though so no such bonus exists any more, in our office anyway.