Big 4 working conditions


I’m applying to corporate finance at some of the big 4 firms, and I’ve been told by people who work in investment banks (M&A, DCM etc) that they normally work quite late - usually leave after midnight and/or on weekends, but that they get a food allowance and can take a cab home if they’ve worked that late.

Is this the same for big 4 firms - the late hours, weekends, the provision for working late etc. I’m just thinking in practical terms, how much more miserable you’d be, working that late and having to fend for yourself and then pay for a cab ride home (or take a night-bus) coz you’ve missed the last tube home!!


The thing about corporate finance is you work your butt off to get the deal completed and often that means working round the clock til the deal is signed off. Or falls through!
If you don’t fancy the cut and thrust, don’t do it.
However, it’s all about investing in “Myself Plc”. Getting the experience and qualification, rising up the career ladder.
No pain, no gain.
Are you going to study for a professional qualification too? How is that going to fit in?
Seriously, right now I think CF is relatively quiet and has not yet recovered from the recession.


I completely understand that I’ll have to work hard, sacrifice sleep/social life etc to work in CF. I would be studying for the professional qualification as well, but I would manage that in what little free time I have - obviously it’s do-able, the big 4 firms wouldn’t exist otherwise…

But your post doesn’t actually answer my question which is about the practical aspects of working in CF.


Sorry. What practical terms? The practicalities are that you’ll work late. Probably not all of the time, I don’t know. It depends on the jobs you are doing.
Do you want an answer about the practicalities of fending for youself, missing the last bus etc? I think you’ve answered your own question really and you seem to have decided it is going to be miserable.
But CF isn’t the only job like that, There are lots of Audit jobs where you’ll work late to meet deadlines.
If you are a girl travelling alone late at night, then think about your safety. Blokes too, I guess depending which part of London you’re travelling in. Some magic circle law firms and management consultants have bedrooms in offices for staff. That’s a good idea.
Maybe someone else out there can help with their personal inputs on practicalities. But beware all folks are different. Some love the buzz others hate it. Pretty shit if you have a wife and family I guess.