Big 4 tax application transferred


Hey guys,

I originally applied for a tax position with a big 4 firm, for which I was successful. However, they ran out of places and have offered me a position in Audit, providing I have another interview to show my commitment (with a partner).

I was wondering if anyone else has had this sort of experience, and whether anyone can give me any idea of what sort of questions I will be asked, and areas to research regarding Audit/Assurance? I would say that I already have a decent understanding of what Audit is and involves, but obviously I would like to nail the interview.

Thanks in advance.




Hey JO87,

U mean u got offered a tax position previously but now u gotta go for another interview
as there are no more places? thats harsh mate…
With regards to audit specifically, It would be good to have an
in-depth knowledge of ‘mark to market’ practice which is one of the main roots
of the current credit crunch…It would be good to know what are the main problems of utilising fair value
in the current situation and what remedies are being thought of by the IASB or ASB or views given by
experts (David Tweedy)
Hope thats useful mate



Would have been more harsh if they didn’t offer me an alternative! lol
Thanks for your post though, was really helpful.