Big 4 Starting Salaries 2011


This thread is solely to compare starting salaries for PwC, Deloitte, EY, KPMG. I’ll kick it off:

PwC, tax, regional office, 2011 start, £21,250.

Hopefully others will follow suit, please include firm, line of service, office (london/regional), start date and starting salary. Any questions on recruitment process, comments on career/salary progression etc, please use different thread.


Deloitte, CF, London, £29.6k

It might also be helpful to give your branch as well because not all regional salaries are the same (from what i’ve heard at least), the channel islands in particular seem to be different.


EY, Leeds, Assurance, £20250


Deloitte, Birmingham, Audit, £21000


PwC, Regional office, Audit, £23000


PwC, London, Audit, £27250.


EY, London, Advisory Consultant (IT), £31,750


PwC (Belfast) - £14,000 base (not including choices stuff)


hi everyone…recently been made an offer from del and the salary they are offering is the same as that it was last year for the same service line??? can someone please advise do they negotiate or not??has anyone had such experience? is everyone’s salary the same as that it was last year or not??also what figure are they quoting to different people? (just to get a rough idea…cause i feel they are giving less to me).please advise…i have to accept or decline in 5 days…!!!