Big 4 salaries


Hey everyone,

I just wanted to get a quick idea of the salaries that Big 4 companies offer in London for entry level.



Depends on service line, ball park is between £27k-£30k
Typically audit get the least, consulting get the most. Considering you enter into a training contract for three years (consulting doesn’t get this so why they start higher) which involves paid study leave, exams paid for, college paid for (generally Kaplan or BPP) I think it’s a very good deal, easily worth £10k a year.
So look at banks getting £10k more than the big 4 as a starting salary, but then think they can be fired at any time with no warning and will leave with nothing. That doesn’t happen in the big 4, and even if it does you’ll leave with a professional qualification… Swings and roundabouts.

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its helps a lot actually…

and i guess this salary range remains until you become qualified, right? and then (after 3 yrs) whats the increase that someone can get?

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You can typically expect a rough 3-5% pay rise each year, as well as a one off bonus for each set of exams you pass (three sets of exams across the three years), but this also depends on performance both in your exams and normal work.
Once you qualify (i.e. successfully pass all exams, complete your development project set by the awarding body, generally ICAEW or ICAS, and complete a set number of days in full time accounting work) you can expect a salary of around £40k-£45k. Once qualified your pay rises each year are as high as you deserve and are regularly reviewed by your managers for each project you work on.